Cultiv Horticulture Nutrients Firm Announces Microbial Inoculates

Cultiv offers microbial inoculates which provide benefits to plants throughout the growing process. The firm provides a range of nutrients for the horticulture industry.

Cultiv and Ron Buckhannon are pleased to introduce their company and the horticulture nutrients products they offer. A major inventory item is microbial inoculates. These products are introduced into plants and offer multiple benefits through the growth process. Organic farmers have long known that healthy soils grow healthy plants. It is important to understand what makes some organic soils better than others.

The key to healthy soil lies in the rhizosphere or the area which is closest to the root zone where root cells and microbes interact. Plant cells are not able to take up large organic molecules. Organic fertilizers and nutrients must first be broken down by microorganisms before they can be taken up by the plant. Vital organic matter and nutrients are often destroyed, depleted, run off or unavailable as a consequence of unsustainable agriculture and the lack of soil biology needed in order to make soil nutrient available.

Application of microbial inoculates have many benefits. They increase plant health and cause less stress than chemical fertilizers. In addition, they deliver better plant health. Cultiv products improve the crops from root development to the final harvest. Products grown with Cultiv are more consistent, with fewer imperfections and have better flavor. This means they have a longer shelf life. Products grown with Cultiv produce larger yields with better looking and longer lasting produce.

Inoculates can cut the cost of fertilization and labor by streamlining the grow cycle. Cultiv is easy to apply, using soil drench, foliar, drip or overhead irrigation.

In addition to microbial inoculates, Cultiv offers products to assist with plant propagation and crop production. Plants begin rooting in 48 hours and can go from a cutting to soil planting in 7 days as opposed to 21 days. Cultiv grow products transform and enhance traditional crop yields the all-natural way.

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