Cult-Loving Nail Brand Modelones Launches Pleascent Removal Line for the Nail Care Industry

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Modelones, a nail care brand under Benm Inc., launches the Pleascent Removal line, featuring two new liquid products, an acetone-free cream remover. Developed by its R&D center, the line offers a health-focused, cruelty-free alternative for nail polish removal.

Benm Inc., the company behind the nail care brand Modelones, announces the launch of its new Pleascent Removal product line. This collection includes two new products launched in June and an acetone-free cream remover for cuticles and regular nail polish, which will be released in September.

"Many customers find traditional nail product removal methods unpleasant and harsh. At Modelones, we provide a more comfortable and gentle experience with our nail care solutions. Our values drive our team to create products that are bringing greater good to the nail world instead of just providing less harmful solutions. So our answer today, from less harm to more good, is Pleascent Removal." says Justin Xie,  Founder of Modelones.

The Pleascent Removal line was developed by Modelones' in-house research and development (R&D) center, where hosted by 6 formulation scientists and a marketing knowling team that tracks beauty trends and focuses on product development. The R&D center's insights into trends and audiences have been instrumental in creating products like the Pleascent Removal line. 

"Our Pleascent Removal line reflects our belief in providing nail care solutions that prioritize health and effectiveness," Xie explains. "Each of our products embodies our brand value. The company believes nail beauty should not simply minimize damage but actively promote positive health benefits and overall well-being." 

Modelones also introduced hema-free products in early 2024. These products, including gel polishes, poly nail gels, and other essentials, are formulated without animal-derived ingredients, making them suitable for vegans and those seeking ethical beauty. This underscores Modelones' dedication to health-conscious and cruelty-free alternatives, offering consumers safer and more ethical nail care solutions.

Modelones has always provided high-quality nail care options to customers. In 2021, the brand partnered with the Pantone Color Institute to release fashionable nail colors. It appointed celebrity nail artist Tom Bachick as a brand ambassador featuring its icon cream gel palettes ‘Color Cubes’  in 2022, reinforcing its leadership in nail care innovation. The brand also introduced the Meow Lamp in 2023, a versatile tool for both at-home and salon use, highlighting its commitment to professional-quality products.

Modelones' international supply chain enables the brand to offer its nail products at various prices. The brand has served over 10 million customers worldwide across North America, Europe, and Great Britain. It enjoys high customer satisfaction, reflected in its positive reviews and high ratings on platforms like Amazon, YouTube, and Facebook. The brand aspires to establish an energetic, professional, and healthy brand image by incorporating audience insight and preferences in its product development.

"We are excited to introduce our Pleascent Removal line to enhance nail polish removal, focusing on health and effectiveness. Our customers deserve a gentle yet powerful alternative that truly cares for their nails," adds Xie.

About Modelones

Modelones is a dynamic nail art brand established in Los Angeles in 2015. It caters to mani-artists seeking stylish nail designs and self-expressions. As an industry-leading producer of gel nail polish, Modelones offers a comprehensive range of premium home manicure products.

The brand draws inspiration from the world of bees, infusing its products with unwavering dedication and an adventurous spirit. It provides high-quality, safe, healthy, and comprehensive nail solutions, ensuring everyone can enjoy professional-grade manicures at home.

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