Culinary Connection Culinary Arts Academy Partners With Chefs For Apprenticeships

Culinary Connection Culinary Arts Academy launches real world experience for students by partnering with chefs.

According to information recently released by the Occupational Outlook Handbook, the overall job outlook for chefs and head cooks is expected to "good" between 2010 and 2020, although competition is expected to heavy with the best jobs available at upscale restaurants, hotels and casinos. According to Brian Kraft, spokesperson for Culinary Connection Culinary Arts Academy, this trend is leading more students than ever before to the culinary schools, but the high price of tuition often scares them away.

Says Kraft, "Traditional culinary schools charge tuition ranging from $60,000 to $100,000. This leaves the student with no real work experience an extreme, often times crippling amount of debt and with no real connections to the very industry they are planning on entering. Most culinary schools lure prospective students in with promises of lucrative careers, but then fail to deliver when it comes to helping them find positions when they graduate."

Kraft says the Culinary Connection presents a different type of school for students, reminding many of the days of apprenticeships. Says Kraft, "Our 26 week culinary curriculum culinary academy puts the student in the kitchen right from the very beginning, learning from highly respected chefs who can oftentimes teach them more in five minutes than they could learn after spending months in a classroom. We expose students to the inner workings of the culinary world, showing them what it's like to really cook in a hustling, bustling kitchen. Enrolling with the Culinary Connection is a chance to experience an apprenticeship under the guidance of a master craftsman and in so doing, to learn what it really takes to be a great chef."

Kraft, passionate about his school, continues, saying, "Culinary Connection's school curriculum for chefs operates with a simple goal, to get students in the room with the people who make the important decisions. They have to work hard. They have to do what it takes to earn their stripes and impress them, but with the connections we give them and instruction they receive from their mentor, they're right where they need to be, right on day one, to make it happen for them. We know we're the best culinary school model around.

Culinary schools like Le Cordon Bleu and The Art Institute are a dime a dozen and they all charge tuition around $70,000. What do you receive upon graduation? You get a fancy piece of paper, and nothing else. The downside with the rapid expansion of culinary institutes is that there is now an abundance of graduates from these schools with little to no experience. Working in a prestigious restaurant requires experience but you can't get that experience until you start working. If that sounds like the recipe for a chicken and egg scenario, it is."

About Culinary Connection Culinary Arts Academy:
With nationwide locations and a unique one-on-one mentorship style of education, Culinary Connection is an alternative choice for those dreaming of becoming a well-honed professional chef.

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