CUG247 The Company That Puts Consumers And Companies Together

CUG is a Closed User Group and Digital Transaction company, a company that connects companies and consumers so they can more efficiently transact.

CUG247 is a Lifestyle Portal where members and users globally go to purchase and book products and services through the platforms of the website It eliminates the need to go through multiple websites to buy goods and services as well as enable the consumer to buy at a discounted rate as the company combines its large and growing database to gain purchasing and bargaining power. CUG247 as a company has focused on covering all areas of consumer expenditure to provide a more rewarding experience for users while generating a larger percentage of consumer spending.

Companies benefit by having a large and loyal group of consumers directed to their business for free, all CUG247 ask in return is that the company offers a preferred rate of some sort. Companies also benefit by decreasing their marketing and advertising spend and gain from the free exposure and extra traffic to their company, that ultimately results in extra revenues, all this provided through the website.

In the members area, users browse what partners they want to purchase from, then there is a link directly to the partners site, so all bookings and purchases are processed directly with affiliate partners to process all bookings with the code for the members to receive their preferential rate and CUG247 gets a percentage of the total spend for putting everything together.

This is very smart as CUG247 never hold or touch any goods, never have to ship anything out, CUG247 just put consumers together with companies and earn revenues for doing this.

Companies can also target the database directly ( for a small fee ) as well as offer specials via the built in Daily Deal platform without having to wait for one of the Daily Deals companies to pay them ( as they take the booking, the Payment and only pay the company on redemption ) we don't take the payment, the affiliate partner does, CUG247 just get their agreed commission.

Eventually will have millions of users globally buying and booking things, and CUG247 earn an override from every transaction globally, earn advertising dollars, sell memberships to corporates and the general public who want the concierge service other wise it is free to all users to browse and purchase in all categories of the website, so making the company a very valuable proposition.

CUG247 earns revenues from a number of ways:

Sells memberships to the general public as well as Corporate Clients (large companies) for those wanting access to the concierge service.

Earns a small % on all transactions that members purchase via Affiliate Partners.

Earns advertising revenues from companies to be listed as Featured Companies in specific areas of the website and the cug247 online Magazine.

Provides database access to companies to email the CUG247 database offering products and services or just promoting their company.

CUG247 also provides a reverse auction, were companies are competing with each other and driving the prices of their products and services lower to attract the user base. are looking to go for a listing where at least a comparable valuation like that of Trivago achieved, were Expedia bought 62% for $620m and valued Trivago at $1Billion. clearly covers lots more areas of where people purchase goods and services!

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CUG specializes in connecting companies with consumers. CUG is a lifestyle provider that acts as a one stop shop so shoppers can buy all of the products and services that they could possible need in one place.

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