CubeBit 2.0 has come forward to sponsor The Future Blockchain Summit 2020

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The event will be held at the Dubai World Trade Centre, and people from all over the world are eagerly waiting for it. CubeBit is an all-in-one platform for traders, and it never fails to offer quality.

The user-friendly interface of the platform makes it perfect for both newbies, experienced traders, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency enthusiasts, Financial Technology, E-commerce, B2B, and C2C industries with Cubebit 2.0’s full-packed ecosystem. When it comes to reliability, there is no better place than this for traders. They never fail to impress users with their services, and they keep participating in global events.

The Future Blockchain Summit will be held at the Sheikh Maktoum Hall at the Dubai World Trade Centre from December 6-9, 2020. Our Cubebit 2.0 brand will also be represented at this exclusive global event consisting of various blockchain activities and opportunities that will attract global leaders, government agencies, corporates, and some of the most promising tech startups globally, whether you are a tech developer or a curious enthusiast this is the event for you.

Konstantin Janke will speak about Cubeprotocol on December 06, 2020, from 2:05- 2:30 pm Dubai Time. Do not miss the opportunity to get to know about Cubebit 2.0 Cubeprotocol straight from their top management. The team has stepped forward one more time and become a part of an event. The event is going to be very interesting, and there will be several workshops on the basics of blockchain. Moreover, there will be inspirational sessions and experts will share their views with everyone. This is a great opportunity for people to hear the words of wisdom and learn new things. Global blockchain experts like Ben Tregenna, Mark Balovnev, Aly Madhavji, and Dr. Jacques Khouri are going to share their knowledge.

Future Blockchain Summit 2020 is going to start on December 6, and it is organized by the Dubai government. CubeBit 2.0 is one of the sponsors, along with Unlock, JustChain, Block Tides, BLOCKINTEROP, bitjeem, DISTICHAIN, Bloqwork, aBey, Shahada, DEWA, PayCoin, Singapore Business Council, DIFY, Russian Business Council, and many others.

There are no doubts about the fact that the entire CubeBit 2.0 ecosystem offers quality, and this is the reason for their popularity. When it comes to being successful in the world of online trading, it’s very important to make a good strategy. Being consistent is also very important, but choosing the right platform is the most important factor.

CubeBit 2.0 is a relatively new platform, but it doesn’t lag behind in any way. It’s a great place for people looking to grow their digital assets. There is no need for users to worry about any security issues, as the platform is highly secured. The personal info of each user is kept safe and hidden from other users. They aren’t linked with any unreliable third-party companies either, so the risk factor is zero.

Beginners can also become a part of this platform as it’s a good place for learning. Everything is well categorized, so visitors are unlikely to face any issues even if they are visiting the official website for the first time. Creating an account is also very easy, and once a person becomes a member, there are several benefits to enjoy. To begin with, users can buy cryptocurrencies, and the process is completely risk-free. Moreover, the process is fast, and the rates are updated quickly to help users get the best deal. There is a lot more in the CubeBit ecosystem for users, and they can even book flight tickets on one of their platforms.

Future Blockchain Summit 2020 is going to be an interesting event for all traders out there, and the registration process is also very easy. CubeBit 2.0, being a socially active platform, would never miss the chance to be a part of such an event. A statement from team CubeBit, ‘We are happy to be a part of such a huge event. We are always happy to organize events or be a part of events organized by others. It’s important for us to be socially active as our services aren’t limited to a particular region. We offer services in different parts of the globe, and it’s always interesting to join hands for a good cause. We have achieved our target of providing a reliable platform to traders, but now our plans are much bigger than that. Our plan is to make this world a better place for everyone, and we aren’t going to stop until we achieve this goal.’

Another member of the team said, ‘We all are super-excited for this amazing event. We have been a part of several events, but this is huge for us. The event is going to be interesting, and everyone can expect a great time there. Our entire team has worked hard, but this wouldn’t have been possible without our valued clients. I would like to personally thank every single person who has been involved in this journey. This is a big moment for us, but this isn’t the end. We aren’t going to stop working hard, and we are not going to stop organizing events either.’

After reading these statements from the team members of CubeBit 2.0, it’s clear that they are eagerly waiting for this event. The team keeps contributing to noble causes, and they have recently helped the people affected by a typhoon in the Philippines. They have deployed a platform, Cube Care, and their focus is to help people in need. At times of need, it’s very important for well-known companies and brands to step forward and offer a helping hand. A single person can’t change anything, but when people join hands, nothing can stop them from being successful. This is what team CubeBit believes in.

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