Csgotradezone launches new Knife Collection

A new collection of knives has been released by the online store Csgotradezone. The collection was inspired by the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

The Counter-Strike merchandise store Csgotradezone and Csgo Duck are pleased to announce the launch of their new knife collection. The collection takes its inspiration from the Counter-Strike games. The collection includes a range of colors, shapes, and materials to capture the interest and enjoyment of every fan of the Counter-Strike game or exotic knife blades. Two major categories are included in the collection: the Butterflies and the Karambits.

A Karambit is a multi-use knife designed for precision, user safety and efficiency. It has a hooked blade, ergonomic handle and usually one or more safety rings. The history of the device was found in 11th century Indonesia. It is also found throughout Southeast Asia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. The blade is always constructed with an arcing blade, designed to resemble the look and power of a tiger's claw. The blade is perfect for hooking, ripping, slicing and tearing. All their knives are not sharpened.

The CS:GO collection offers the basic silhouette with the addition of a range of color options and designs on the blade. The handles of the knives in the collection are usually constructed of plastic, and the blades are stainless steel. The knives are valued for precise cuts, high retention and a wide range of tasks. They are to attack and counter in a single motion efficiently. The design is helpful in that it doesn't result in stress to the wrist of the user.

The second major category of their CSGO knife collection are butterfly knives. The device is also known as a fan Knife or a Balisong Knife. There is disagreement about whether the knife style originated in Europe or the Philippines. The basic design consists of a blade concealed between two handles of the device. The CS:GO collection of Butterfly Knives also includes a range of blade colors and handle colors. Each model in the collection is created to be flamboyant as well as durable.

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