CryptoGirlfriend NFT Project Unveils A collection Of 6,969 Uniquely Designed CryptoGirlfriends

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The game-changing NFT project features beautiful CryptoGirlfriends that were handpicked by CryptoGirlfriend herself. It serves as the first piece of the CryptoGirlfriend NFT project, which will later include a CryptoGirlfriend Comic Book.

CryptoGirlfriend is out to make headway in the NFT industry after launching the CryptoGirlfriend NFT project, which features a collection of 6,969 uniquely designed beautiful CryptoGirlfriends residing on the Binance Smart Chain.

“When I was coming up with the idea of this game-changing NFT collection, I thought about the notion that in a bull market, everyone gets girlfriends. That’s where CryptoGirlfriends comes into the picture,” says Juliet Star, founder of the CryptoGirlfriend NFT project.

With a unique NFT project in place, Juliet says everyone can have their very own CryptoGirlfriend and mint their own through

The platform will also be launching stake-to-earn games once all of the CryptoGirlfriends NFTs are minted. The games will be available to play, and members will be able to stake their girlfriends to earn other rare collectibles.

Juliet Star, a trance and progressive deejay who also plays some house and breaks and is skilled in using Pioneer CDJs and Pioneer DJM Mixers, says CryptoGirlfriend will also be a marketing resource for other NFT projects by conducting AMAs via Telegram, YouTube, and Twitter Spaces. This paves the way for the next part of the project, which will include an NFT rarity service for other NFT projects.

CryptoGirlfriend is an experienced AMA Host and Crypto Influencer with a massive following on social media platforms Twitter and YouTube. She is constantly conducting ongoing AMAs on her various channels in text, audio, and video format to help promote launchpad partner projects on the NFT Marketplace.

An idea that has been in the works since early 2001, Juliet Star has been a huge fan of anime and comic books.

“I wanted to do something different and continue to evolve the CryptoGirlfriend character,” stressed Juliet.

After realizing that NFTs are becoming more popular, but their utility is still being underutilized, Juliet says CryptoGirlfriend Comic Book aims to address that very issue. The CryptoGirlfriend comic book will not only be an NFT. Physical copies will also be printed and available to only CryptoGirlfriend NFT holders.

For the Q1 of the CryptoGirlfriend NFT project, two rounds of Pre-Sale Minting will occur before the big public launch date at the price of 0.3 BNB and 0.4 BNB. A marketplace for BSC, FTM, and other chains with built-in rarity service, launchpad, and marketing for NFT projects is also expected. CGF NFT holders will earn fee rewards from the marketplace.

The platform will also open the CryptoGirlFriend Merchandise during QI, where member-exclusive CryptoGirlfriend Merch Store gets unlocked, featuring Limited Edition tees, hoodies, and other goodies for NFT holders.

CryptoGirlfriend also has a YouTube channel that features topics on minting CrptoGirlfriend NFTs, a demo of the CryptoGirlFriend Cookie Game, and live interviews, the most recent of which was a conversation with Money Monkeys.

Those who want to learn more about CryptoGirlfriends NFT may visit the website for more information.

Contact Info:
Name: Juliet Star
Email: Send Email
Organization: CryptoGirlfriends NFT
Address: United States

Release ID: 89065788

Name: Juliet Star
Email: Send Email
Organization: CryptoGirlfriends NFT
Address: United States