CryptoBear Watch Club: The NFT Project Geared To Makes Waves In The Arab Business Landscape

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Top-notch art, multi-benefit tokens, 3D avatars, Sandbox access; CryptoBear Watch Club’s numerous features make it the NFT to mint in 2022

The Arab business world has seen many developments come to the forefront, especially when it comes to NFT projects. None which look to capture the imaginations of the masses like CryptoBear Watch Club are doing.

The global luxury watch market is estimated to be worth $7.5 billion with static growth over the last decade. Yet despite this, watch prices have still gone up by over 400% in the last 4 years. The NFT market surpassed $40 billion in 2021 and is one of the fastest growing industries to boom in recent years. Both markets show incredible opportunities for business when it comes to those looking to break into any of these.

CBWC are planning to break into both.

The team at CryptoBear Watch Club are currently working on when it comes to their unique combination of NFTs combined with luxury watch collection and the result? What looks like the next big NFT project in the Arab business landscape.

Watches have always shown to be a hot commodity in the Arab regions. CryptoBear Watch Club aims to tap into this demand with their NFT collection which confidently aims to bring luxury watch enthusiasts together from across the Arab community in the most ambitious way possible

What CBWC has been doing in their space has attracted the attention of not only supporters of the project, but investors too. Even business tycoons such as Ali Sajwani and Rashed Belhasa have considered investing in this promising project.

Much like how other NFT’s have trended on an acclaimed international level, CryptoBear Watch Club (CBWC) is the NFT trend for the Arab world, make no doubts about that. CBWC is simply the present and the future of NFTs in the Arab market when it comes to innovation, utility and scale. When you see what they are currently doing, they have made an undeniable statement of intention.

CryptoBear Watch Club is more than simply an NFT brand or even a watch brand - they seek to help their community and make an impact on those around them. They plan to do this through their pledge to give 70% of their Royalties to the community as watches.

To add to the above, CBWC are taking the concept of giveaways to a level that has not been seen before or after, with their massive luxury watch giveaway on their Instagram where they are giving away $1 million worth of watches.

The contributions of brand is showing to be successful not only in the Arab business world, but on a worldwide stage as well, with the huge following which CBWC is amassing across their social channels, currently sitting at over 100,000+ followers and counting.

The future is truly here with this revolutionary brand that is going to redefine what it means to be an NFT owner and a watch collector. They have their whitelisting on 21st February 2022 for 24 hours right before the public sale on 22nd February 2022.

One simply don’t want to miss out on what is looking like one of the biggest NFT projects in the Arab world. CryptoBear Watch Club got the whole NFT and watch community in the Arab regions on their side and backing from some of the richest and well known individuals to illustrate just how powerful the CryptoBear Watch Club movement is becoming every day.

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Name: CBWC
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Name: CBWC
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