Crypto To Keep Your Eye On In 2022 Before It Goes Parabolic

The 'Q' contract intends to change the way people think about cryptocurrency This could be the next SafeMoon


With the New Year just around the corner, it's no surprise that resolutions are being set, and the eldest sibling is ready to run out and back into the home to symbolize the removal of the old and the introduction of the new... Our faces are painted and we're wearing some kind of paper cap to keep the sun off of our faces.
Holders gain from the new token, which is based on the innovative "Q" contract, while "paper hands" are penalized. Launching on BSC and ETH with a bridge.

The contract keeps account of the dates and times of your purchases; the longer you keep your tokens, the less tax you will have to pay when you sell them. If someone does decide to sell before reaching diamond hand status, the extra taxed tokens are burnt, allowing existing holders to gain even more from the supply becoming more rare.
Do you really believe that's all we have to give you? WRONG! In order to thank our Diamond handed community, DiamondQ is putting up a monthly lottery, which will be a true sizzling reward for their efforts. Every month, we'll give one fortunate DIQ 0.5 percent of the total volume for that month! Isn't it a little saucy? This lottery is open to everyone who has been hoarding for more than three months! This is just to prevent anyone from swooping in at the last minute and grabbing all of the huge DIQ money from the legitimate diamond dealers.

DiamondQ's price today is $0.00073297, with a 24-hour trading volume of $3,977. The cryptocurrency's price today is $0.00073297. The price of DIQ has dropped by 7.9 percent in the previous 24 hours. It has a total quantity of? DIQ coins, with a circulating supply of 0 DIQ coins. If you are wanting to purchase or sell DiamondQ, you may do so here.

The 'Q' contract intends to change the way people think about cryptocurrency

So, what exactly is the Q contract, and why is it so fantastic? So, essentially, this fresh new, beautiful contract comes out swinging with a tone of DiQ energy to spare! We have a tiered selling system in place to reward those who have been with us the most. All of those whales and bots swarming in and then dumping on you, what are they doing? If they sell out too soon, don't be concerned; a large number of their tokens will be destroyed! Who is the victor? Who are these diamond-handed bosses, you ask? Continue reading for more information on the particular timeframes for these diamond-handed gifts.

We at DiamondQ want everyone to be a part of the community, which is why we are starting on both BSC and Ethereum! At the time of debut, all users will be able to buy using UniSwap or PancakeSwap. If you decide that you would want to transfer your tokens across chains, you may do so by using our unique bridge! The way it works is as follows:

At first glance, the token supply might look somewhat like this:

There are 500 million tokens in circulation.
500 million dollars will be invested on bridges (atomic swap)

There are 500 million tokens in circulation.
500 million dollars will be invested on bridges (atomic swap)
Suppose a customer wanted to transfer 100 million tokens from Bitcoin Cash to Ethereum Cash, the following would take place:

There are 400 million tokens in circulation (-100 million)
There are 600 million tokens in the bridge (with an additional 100 million).

There are 600 million tokens in circulation (an increase of 100 million).
There are 400 million tokens in the bridge (-100 million)
Consequently, the circulating supply on both sides is always the same and the bridge is capable of handling an exodus from one chain to another (if such an event were to occur! ). We are continually searching for new and innovative methods to push the limits even farther, boost visibility, and, of course, reward our diamond hands for their efforts further.


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