Crypto asset TYGR launches a digital token, aims to empower tiger conservation efforts and facilitate the welfare of tigers

TYGR is a crypto-based charitable initiative that has pledged to support organizations committed to the protection and recovery of the dwindling wild tiger population.

Royal and mighty, tigers are the most beautiful of big cats. Sadly, tigers are now over 95% extinct; the mindless slaughtering and poaching of the species to meet the rising demand for the beautiful animal’s body parts have turned them into an endangered species. Many organizations are working hard towards rescuing the big cat from the brink of extinction, however, with such a lack of funding, their efforts may be in vain. In light of these facts, TYGR Wildlife Conservation LLC launched a digital token, TYGR, which aims to support organizations dedicated to tiger preservation through a steady supply of funding.

TYGR is one of the latest crypto tokens launched on Binance Smartchain. The token will donate 5% of each transaction to tiger conservation and anti-poaching efforts. 5% will be sent to holders and 5% will be sent directly to liquidity pools.

“Tigers have turned into an endangered species today, so much so, that just fewer than 4,000 tigers are remaining in the wild as of now. Major reasons behind this alarming decline are rampant slaughtering and poaching of these innocent animals to cater to the multi-billion dollar unethical wildlife trade of tiger body parts. From medicine to furniture to even alcohol, body parts of the animals are in great demand in various sectors. Worse, not just the poachers but many tiger breeding farms too are involved in the crime. It’s about time we all join hands to protect these innocent animals and take a proactive approach towards conservation of the species”, stated the spokesperson from the TYGR team.

“Good thing is, several organizations have already started working towards conservation of wild tigers. But, they have a long journey ahead and the welfare efforts also demand robust funding support. Its ethos that inspired us to launch TYGR token- a revolutionary charitable initiative created on Binance smartchain to empower organizations dedicated to tiger conservation and anti-poaching efforts. We chose the crypto platform as it’s the latest buzz in the market and hence a crypto token would help to raise awareness on a massive and global scale.”

Top features of TYGR token:

● A charitable crypto-based initiative committed to the conservation of endangered wild tigers
● 5% of each transaction will be donated periodically to organizations working on tiger welfare
● Allows holders to enjoy passive income
● Token with locked liquidity to protect investors and prevent a drop in token value
● Community driven token believes in the honest and transparent approach
● A major portion of the token will be burnt after pre-sale to pique the value of holders’ tokens

“Investment in TYGR tokens will serve a two-fold benefit for our investors. On one hand, they will receive a great opportunity to support tiger conservation initiatives and on another, the scope to hold a stellar investment portfolio in a buzzing crypto sector that promises excellent passive income.”

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