Crown Gear Fitness Kicks Off Safety Awareness Campaign

Crown Gear Fitness promotes fitness safety campaign to enable their customers to stay healthy and safe.

According to the CDC, only 48 percent of American adults meet the physical activity guidelines outlined in 2008. According to these guidelines, adults between the ages of 18 and 64 need 150 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic activity and two or more days of muscle strengthening activities each week. Muscle strengthening activities need to work all major muscle groups in order to be effective.

"When one begins strength training, the focus must be on safety. Weight lifting straps, wrist wraps, and crossfit gloves are three products designed to help those involved in strength training, both new and experienced users. With the help of this type of equipment, one receives the health benefits associated with this type of exercise while preventing injuries," Rich Zheng of Crown Gear Fitness declares.

Weight lifting straps offer extra grip, allowing one to complete more reps while lifting heavier weights. The added support for the hands and wrists lets the user focus on specific areas and achieve their goals in a shorter period of time. Safety and quality remain the top priorities when using any Crown Gear Fitness products, and the straps are no exception.

"Beginners and pros alike find the straps allow them to take their workout to the next level. Designed to fit most bar sets and wrists, the straps may be adjusted to meet the needs of each person, and yet they don't add any bulk or interfere with the exercises. Crown Gear Fitness believes in these straps and offers a one year, hassle free replacement guarantee on the product," Zheng explains.

Many choose to combine the weight lifting straps with crossfit gloves to receive additional grip. Moisture leaves weights slippery, which can lead to injury, and the gloves prevent this from happening. In addition, they provide extra padding to reduce pressure while preventing blisters and calluses.

"The gloves allow the hands to stretch in multiple directions, and they feature the EZ Pull-off system so taking them off isn't a hassle. Rather than working the hands, users find they are better able to work the desired muscle groups and, as with the straps, the gloves come with a one year, hassle free replacement guarantee," Zheng continues.

To ensure hands and wrists have the support needed to prevent injuries, Crown Gear Fitness also offers wrist wraps. The wraps work to provide a balance between flexibility and support, without costing a fortune. Many refuse to use wrist wraps as they can't seem to find a pair which fits properly, but Crown Gear has found a way around this.

"Wrist wraps are three inches wide and 12 inches long and fit most users. Thumb loops and stretchy material allow men and women of every skill level to use them with ease and they can withstand heavy workouts. As with the other products, Crown Gear backs their wrist wraps with a one year guarantee. Check out the many products offered through Crown Gear Fitness as the company understands what users need to take their workout to the next level and provides these products," Zheng proclaims.

About Crown Gear Fitness:
Run by average fitness fans, Crown Gear Fitness provides the edge one needs to take fitness to the next level and strives to provide affordable, high quality accessories for sports and fitness. The goal remains to allow users to focus on their workout and fitness goals without worrying about comfort, durability, and quality. The company proudly provides premium fitness and sports products and values each and every customer purchasing from the company.

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