Crowd-Funding Platform Intends to "Enable Education for All"

San Jose, CA / March 10, 2014 / (FundEdu), a new crowd-funding platform for education, recently launched with an ambitious goal: to bridge the global education gap.

FEDU is a platform for the everyday person to contribute to small-scale micro-grants for education: needs are identified, posted to FEDU’s platform, and then funded by contributors who feel connected to the stories posted. FEDU’s mission, “Enabling Education for All”, will shine a brighter light on global educational inequalities and build a community of contributors passionate about closing that gap.

As a crowd-funding platform, FEDU not only facilitates the funding of educational projects, but is also “crowdfinding” them. While crowdfunding has become popularized as a way to pool small contributions that add up to significant funding, FEDU hopes that this same collective effort can be applied to identifying the educational needs of individuals globally – introducing the concept of crowdfinding. FEDU’s Founder, Chet Jain, explains “The idea is to take advantage of rapid-fire technology to help speed up the funding process, discover education needs that may have gone unnoticed and connect people on opposite sides of the globe.”

The democratization of funding for education, however, doesn’t come without standards. FEDU is working with community partners such as non-profits and microfinance institutions that sponsor beneficiaries and ensure funds are applied to their intended purpose. FEDU is dedicated to remaining transparent, accountable and diligent about tracking their impact, with plans to post updates and proof of disbursement of funds online.

Having launched in the United States and India, FEDU hopes to rapidly expand to more countries as they continue their mission. To date, FEDU has successfully funded pilot projects and plans to launch more in the coming months. From helping women in India gain training in cooperative dairy farming techniques to secure a more sustainable income, to helping low-income students in California access the enrichment programs that will help them overcome barriers to learning, FEDU recognizes that education means different things to different people.

FEDU is resolved to make funding for diverse global educational needs more accessible and is passionate about mobilizing people who believe that an investment in education has the highest social returns.


To learn more about FEDU, and receive an invitation to their beta site, visit or watch their launch video on Youtube. FEDU is also developing a line of t-shirts and wristbands that will help launch a visible movement for education, sparking curiosity and encouraging more people to contribute to education. To buy FEDU gear visit

About FEDU

FEDU is a rewards-based crowdfunding platform to identify and fund indigenous educational projects internationally. Founded in 2013 by Chet Jain, FEDU’s goal is to improve lives by enabling education for all. FEDU is headquartered in San Jose with teams in the Bay Area and India. For more information on FEDU, please visit

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