Crossroads Animal Emergency Discusses Differences In Emergency and Regular Vet

Crossroads Animal Emergency is an emergency veterinary service providing help for animals in distress outside of regular veterinary office hours. The team at Crossroads offers assistance to pet owners with emergencies. Now, these experts clarify the difference between emergency and regular veterinary services.

According to Bryan Buescher, co-owner of Crossroads Animal Emergency, there is a difference between what his organization does and a regular veterinary office. Bryan says, “Emergency veterinary services are very important, because animals get sick and become injured at all hours of the day and night. Many vet’s offices do not provide after-hours service, so it is crucial for pet owners to have options at night and 24 hours on the weekends.” His office, Crossroads Animal Emergency, supplies this need, and is much like an Urgent Care or Emergency Room for people. In fact, Crossroads Animal Emergency is stocked with much of the same equipment and supplies.

However, there are other ways that Crossroads Animal Emergency is different from regular veterinary offices. “We do not provide routine checkups or maintenance medications,” notes Bryan. “We provide only the emergency services that are necessary for animals in distress. This would include animals who have been injured or become ill suddenly during hours in which the regular vet is not open. Our focus is on treating patients in an Urgent Care setting.” It takes a certain set of skills and expertise to work in an Emergency Room for pets. Crossroads goal is to get to the bottom of what is going on with your pet and get treatment started.

For example, the Crossroads team will treat animals who have ingested foods, plants or medications that may be toxic to them. They might also treat animals who have been hit by a car or injured in some other way, such as attacked by another pet or wild animal. Crossroads also helps with those conditions where the pet “just isn’t their normal self.”

“We are open from 6:00 p.m. till 8:00 a.m. every evening, and on weekends 24 hours per day,” notes Bryan. “We have an emergency veterinarian and trained staff onsite whenever we are open. Delivering compassionate care to pet owners during such a stressful time is one of our Core Values. We are always available if an animal is in distress.”Bryan Buescher and his wife became interested in opening an emergency animal care center because of experiences they had in trying to secure care for their own pets in emergency or after-hours situations. Now, the couple has launched their new concept in the form of Crossroads Animal Emergency.

After normal vet hours or on the weekend, this animal emergency care center at may be able to help. Crossroads Animal Emergency, an emergency pet hospital as seen at, has locations in both Norwalk and Huntington Beach.

About Crossroads Animal Emergency: With locations in both Norwalk and Huntington Beach, Crossroads Animal Emergency is a convenient and professional emergency veterinary service that can help dogs, cats and other pets who are sick or injured during non-traditional veterinary office hours. The team at Crossroads works with patients to ensure top-quality care and positive outcomes for every animal.

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