CRO Coin - One of the most promising coins in the field of decentralized finance

promising coin in decentralized finance

CRO is the official coin of the crypto investments company. To meet the need of expanding the scale of the company's capital and attracting more partners and investment funds worldwide, the company has issued CRO coin to the global market. The method of issuance will include airdrop for investors, ICOs for the global members, and internal issuance for investment funds.

CRO coin is applied directly to the blockchain ecosystem as well as used at CRO investment with advanced features: Staking, Payment, Settlement, and Decentralized.
- Staking: - Council nodes seat hosting - Crypto Earn
- Payment: - Checkout - Gift cards - Peer-to-peer
- Settlement: - Transaction Settlement - Settlement Agent
- Decentralized Finance: DeFl (Comming soon)

In the CRO coin Utility & Ecosystem, the company believes that it’s your basic human right to control your money, data, and identity. They strongly believe that decentralization is an important part of building a better society for everyone and by accelerating the world’s transition to cryptocurrency we are helping the world move in this direction. CRO coin will achieve this by building on one side, a network of cryptocurrency projects, and on the other side, focus on developing merchants’ ability to accept crypto as a form of payment (please refer to the diagram below). The company intends that CRO Chain will be a high performing native blockchain solution, which will make the transaction flows between crypto users and merchants accepting crypto seamless, cost-efficient and secure
Imagine a CRO ecosystem of four platforms – The CRO ecosystem is created by leading experts in the field of blockchain and traditional finance. After a long time of research and analysis, the CRO ecosystem was born with the purpose of strengthening the development of the company, bringing maximum convenience and benefits to investors.

- Crypto Exchange: The fastest and strongest crypto exchange for crypto and fiat currency pairs
- Finance Wallet: An innovative wallet which will be used for buying, storing, exchanging and transferring
- Ecommerce platform: CRO will be used for payment and withdraw on our electronic trading platform without cash.
- CRO banking: Go anywhere without worrying about your finances with CRO card & ATM machine

The company also has a roadmap to bring CRO coin to international trading exchanges in Q4 2020. Accordingly, CRO will be officially traded globally. CRO coin will be listed on one of the following exchanges since October 1st, 2020: Crex24, Okex, Probit, Vindax, Latoken, BW. This will be a milestone for our community and the CRO coin . Not only investors at CRO investments, but individual customers can also own CRO coin. As a result, the demand for CRO coin will grow strongly, helping the value of CRO coin to grow significantly. Thereby, that effect also brings double profits for investors holding CRO right now, when CRO coin has not officially traded on any exchanges platform.

The starting price of CRO coin is expected to be 0.1 USD and after being listed on the exchange, the price of CRO coin can grow 5-10 times depending on the supply and demand of the market. As you know, the number of CRO coins is limited with only 500 million CRO coins issued. Along with that, CRO coin is distributed in small quantities, creating a scarcity in the market. With the current market trend and the company's development strategy, the value of CRO coin will increase gradually and reach the goal of 1 USD by 2021.

Right now, it's the best time for you to invest and own CRO coin with Crypto Investments Limited Company.

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