Credit Help Guru Reviews how Free Credit Reports Lead to a Lower Delinquency Rate

Dallas, TX / March 7, 2014 / According to newly released statistics, a free credit report plays a major roll in lowering your personal credit delinquency rate. Credit delinquency is now at its lowest levels since 2005, according to TransUnion. Credit Help Guru Reviews has launched an investigation into this mater.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is digging deeper into the correlation between people who regularly access a free credit report, people who don't, and their overall credit standings. According to the CFPB, a Free Credit Report can make an extraordinary difference in a persons overall quality of life. It has been determined, that a person who regularly accesses a free credit report, received a lower mortgage rate, qualified for larger loans, and had much more money put aside. This new knowledge has sparked pressure from the CFPB to provide a free credit report to the customers of all credit card companies. Although it is not certain the Director of the CFPB Richard Cordray will get his way with a free credit report for consumers, relevant data has been analyzed from an already established free credit report provider and its clients here. Click Here to access the provider for a free credit report.

After a variety of metrics were considered in this research, and besides the obvious benefits like higher credit scores, better interest rates, and loan eligibility, unconventional findings appeared in this study. It was found that a free credit report provided to customers monthly actually lead to a better overall sense of well-being and health too.

Free credit report subjects experienced:

- Lower Personal Delinquency rate.
- Higher Credit Scores (710-780)
- Approved for more credit cards.
- Lower Mortgage Rates.
- More Likely Approved for rental properties.
- Acquired Loans with greater ease.
- Were Overall Happier and Healthier.

As of now, there is no mandated obligation for credit card providers to provide a free credit report to customers, but fortunately there are already free alternatives available online. Click Here to access a Free Credit Report online.

Choosing a Free Credit Report:

- The free credit report should include all the three major reporting bureaus: TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian.
- Is from a trusted source.

Click Here to Access a Free Credit Report from a trusted source.


The study provided by Credit Help Guru concludes good credit brings many benefits into the lives of people in various ways, and not only to the people, but the counties themselves. If a free credit report provided monthly is helping the majority of people using the service lower personal credit delinquency, save more money, and live happier lives, the study concludes this is a valid idea. Regardless if the CFPB is successful in its attempt pressure the major credit card companies into a mandatory free monthly credit checks for their customers, there are still many free options available, and according to the research these options are very worth while using. Click Here to access the a free credit report resource.

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