Creators Of Elon Musk-Themed Crypto Currency Build A Giant Elon Musk Goat Statue

Elon musk-themed cryptocurrency celebrates the existence of the most innovative man of the 21st century - Elon Musk, and plan to make a Elon Goat Token statue in real-time in Arizona.

The Crypto Bros dedicate a biblical sized monument to the Godfather of Crypto after launching Elon Goat Token.

In the world of cryptocurrencies, different names like Elonomics and Dogelon Mars exist but a new form of Elon musk-themed cryptocurrency has been launched. This is called Elon Goat Token and the creators of Elon Goat Token are building a giant half-Elon Musk, half-goat statue to promote the Elon Goat Token as a cryptocurrency. Elon Goat Token is built from the small tax that its buyers are paying on each transaction. The plan is to take monuments around the country and ask Musk to take ownership of it.

The idea behind this statue is to capture the greatest transfer of wealth in its entire history. The creators of the cryptocurrency want it to make it memorable and save time just like it has been done in history, statues have been built to capture the moments. The creators of EGT want to celebrate the existence of the most innovative man of the 21st century and this is the approach to do so.

Even though the developers of Elon Goat Token are anonymous, one of the men behind this project is a U.S.-based self-described expert in construction and marketing, Ashley Sansalone. He believes in the idea that Musk is a crypto legend and he essentially moves the markets and crypto. So to gain his attention is a huge deal and that’s what the team aims to do.

Designer Wang, a huge Musk supporter, is also involved in this project and has already taken a $20,000 fee to start the work. He suggested Sansalone build the statue in Arizona and then later ship it to Texas where it can grab Musk’s attention. Metal artist Kevin has also posted a small trailer about this dream-like project. The Goat is structured to sit on a SpaceX rocket thrusting past earth while the moon towards Mars just like Elon’s vision. The goat is made to be surrounded by lightning that implies Tesla’s solar electricity and electric cars.
Soon, the styrofoam head is expected to arrive and after that aluminum, the head will be created using the foam as a template.

Elon Goat Token statue’s construction will be available to watch in real-time as it’s put together in Arizona. The statue costs around $500,000, and will be completed in under four months. Sansalone believes that Elon already knows about it since the word is spreading on various channels like Twitter and Telegram but the idea is to impress Elon and accept what unfolds.

Contact Info:
Name: Ashley Sansalone
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Organization: Elon Goat Token
Phone: +1 (480) 246-1672

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