Creator Of Worlds First Targeted-Organic-BB Cream Has Corporate Giants Offering Millions To Buy Out The College Student

The hottest new trend in skincare has made the cosmetics industry billions, but an unprecedented organic version has brought the corporate giants to the college kids doorstep with million-dollar-offers.

With the recent focus on the toxins and chemicals that are going into products these days, consumers worldwide are now looking for organic, chemical free substitutes. Unfortunately, purchasing such produces comes with a hefty price tag. Z Skin Cosmetics, the 100% organic based skincare line, has recently caught the eye of millions across the globe for its unparalleled results and affordable prices of $16.99 and under. The company, started by a young 25-year-old college student, has shot to the top of the industry in the past few months it’s been on the market. With recent press on the companies organic alternatives to costly procedures, consumers across the world have voted the college kid as the #1 preferred line of skincare.

Ryan Zamo, the 25-year-old entrepreneur started his company Z Skin Cosmetics just months ago, explaining “I was tired of trying everything off of TV for my cystic acne and receding hairline, so I decided to sit down and develop my own products to use. I never thought I would have a successful company from it one day”. In just months of being released onto the market, it has already been named “Product Of The Year” by the Wall street Journal, and “best new affordable skincare system” by The Daily News. Now, the young entrepreneur has created an instant over night success, an organic BB cream.

Companies such as Clinique, Garnier and the leading skincare giants have all created BB creams, or “blemish balm” creams. Using makeup in their products, the idea is to help add coverage of dark spots on the skin, while moisturizing. However, Ryan Zamo has created the worlds first “BB Cream With A Cause”, a makeup less moisturizer that adds coverage and actually targets skin problems. The “Zz Cream” line by Z Skin Cosmetics, is the worlds first of its kind. Covering all ranges of skin problems including acne, age spots, bags under the eyes and more, the creams are proven to drastically improve the appearance of skin imperfections and not just cover them up.

“I don’t wear makeup, so why would myself, or most men want to buy something with makeup in it? I created the creams to match any skin color, and unlike makeup that sits ontop of your skin, my Zz Creams actually penetrate the skin and add a temporary stain. Each Zz Cream is targeted, so I use herbs and oils to tint the moisturizer, that will help with certain skin problems”, the 25-year-old said.

With each product priced just under $17, the award winning skincare line has created a brand new avenue for the organic skincare industry. The young entrepreneur has created a new window of opportunity for consumers to purchase non-chemical skincare without dropping a pretty-penny for products. The company has smashed its competition and shot to the top with its innovative and unique products, making this college kid an overnight success.

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