Creative Enzymes Releases Galactose Oxidase to Catalyze the Oxidation of D-galactose

July, 12, 2016, as an excellent supplier in enzymes field, Creative Enzymes announced its new product---galactose oxidase is available for catalyzing the oxidation of D-galactose.

With profound experience and professional skills, Creative Enzymes paves the way for itself to become a leading supplier and manufacturer in enzymes used for life science research and production of medicine and other industries.

Galactose oxidation, belonging to the family of oxidoreductases, occupies a leading position in catalyzing the oxidation of a range of primary alcohols, such as D-galactose, to the corresponding aldehyde, with reduction of oxygen to hydrogen peroxide. And copper ion is needed to be as a cofactor for galactose oxidase. The most remarkable and popular feature of galactose oxidation is that it is a free radical enzyme, its catalytic site has a free radical ligand coordinating to the copper center.

With these outstanding features, galactose oxidation from Creative Enzymes has been applied in many aspects of biological researches, including bioanalysis, organic synthesis and biomimetic compounds.

Biomolecules, such as galactose in samples, can be quantifies using oxygen detection method, for one equivalent consumption of oxygen corresponds to one equivalent primary hydroxyl group oxidized.

Organic synthesis
Galactose oxidation can also be used in the synthesis of aldehyde and carboxylic acid from primary alcohol as a biocatalyst.

Biomimetic compounds
The mechanism of galactose oxidation inspires researchers to develop model compounds that can mimic the structure and function of galactose oxidation. And it proves that the electron-sharing between the copper and the free radical is playing a crucial role in the success of synthesis of these compounds.

After half-a-year study, scientists in Creative Enzymes have developed two main products belonging to galactose oxidation, including galactose oxidation from dactylium dendroides, recombinant and the native dactylium dendroides galactose oxidase.

“with decades of experience in manufacturing and supplying enzymes for academic use and industrial researches, Creative Enzymes holds a commitment to developing more advanced techniques and services for researchers. With rapidly increasing requirement of customers, it is inevitable for us to develop more products like galactose oxidation.” said Dr. Ryan, a senior scientist in Creative Enzymes.

About Creative Enzymes
Assisting with advanced skills and equipment, Creative Enzymes has offered products for scientists all over the world and even some government laboratories in various applications, including drug discovery, cancer research, infectious diseases research and so on. With the belief of customer oriented, scientists and other staff are always ready to devote themselves to serve customers with professional skills and advice.

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