Creative Enzymes Issues Some Products to Update Its Product Line

October 11, 2016, Michelle Brown, chief officer in Creative Enzymes made a report on their new products in enzymes field. This is also a milestone of its updating product lines. The series of update includes pepsin, lipoprotein lipase and enzyme LPL.

“it is a great progress for Creative Enzymes to update this product line. Although there are all kinds of difficulties during developing these products, finally they are open to customers.” said Dr. Michelle.

Pepsin, also called as native porcine pepsin on its website, is the most popular products on the market. It is one of the primary protein degrading or proteolytic enzymes in the digestive system. It mainly functions on the complex dietary protein and breaks up into peptides and amino acids, which can be then absorbed by the intestinal lining. Through nearly one and a half year, this product can be completely offered to customers with much more precise features. Additionally, it is also designed as an adjunct in the treatment of anemic conditions during slimming diet, as well as in protein analysis and in heart burn, acid indigestion and sour stomach. Based on its advanced features, this product can also increase appetite.

Lipoprotein lipase
Native microorganism lipoprotein lipase in Creative Enzymes is a member of the lipase gene family. In this family, there are many substances, including endothelial lipase, pancreatic lipase and hepatic lipase. Lipoprotein lipase is a water soluble enzyme and also designed to hydrolyze triglycerides in lipoproteins found in very low-density lipoproteins and chylomicrons into one monoacylglycerol molecule and two free fatty acids. In addition to these basic features, this enzyme also has a wide application range, especially, it can be useful for enzymatic determination of triglyceride in serum and this reaction can be completed in five minutes at 37°C.

Enzyme LPL
The last but not least one is enzyme LPL, which is designed with the same features with lipoprotein lipase. The only different feature is that this enzyme needs ApoC-II as a cofactor. What’s more, it also functions the same characterization with lipoprotein lipase in serum when coupled with glycerol kinase and L-α-glycerophosphate oxidase.

“To announce these new products is a primary way for Creative Enzymes to become a excellent leader in enzyme field. With experienced scientists and research personnals, we are confident to achieve this goal.” said Dr. Michelle.

Based on advanced technologies and professioanl scientists, Creative Enzymes can make more progress in its way to success.

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