Creative Enzymes Declared Its Catalase Will Be Put Into Industrial Use

June, 12th, 2016, as a leading supplier and manufacturer in customers enzymes for life science research, Creative Enzymes announced that catalase and its related products will be available for industrial use.

Due to the advanced equipment and professional services, Creative Enzymes is capable of providing high-quality catalase and some other products for research use.

Catalase (CAT) is an enzyme that catalyzes hydrogen peroxide to decomposite into oxygen and water, existing in peroxide of cells. Catalase is a sign of peroxidase, accounting for about 40% of the total amount of peroxidase enzymes. And it is present in all known various tissues of animals, especially in the liver with high concentrations. And of course, it also exists in plants except of fungus. Because of these features, catalase has great potential in the food industry and food packaging.

In food industry, catalase can be used to remove the hydrogen peroxide from milk applied to produce cheese. What’s more, in order to prevent food from being oxidized, catalase is also utilized in the food package. Additionally, catalase in Creative Enzymes, now is developed to be available in textile Industry to get rid of hydrogen peroxide on textiles, which can ensure that the finished product is free of peroxide. And it is also used for cleaning of contact lenses. Soaking glasses in etergent containing hydrogen peroxide and then removing hydrogen peroxide with catalase before use. In the beauty industry, catalase is also playing a vital role to augment the amount of oxygen in the upper epidermal cells.

Catalase in Creative Enzymes can convert millions of molecules of hydrogen peroxide to water and oxygen per second. And it contains four porphyrin heme groups, which allow the enzyme to react with the hydrogen peroxide.

What Creative Enzymes can offer in catalase category:
As for this aspect, Creative Enzymes with the help of excellent scientists has developed a variety of high-quality products, including native murine catalase, native micrococcus lysodeikticus catalase, native human catalase and native bovine catalase and etc to support scientists’ research.

“along with the increasing demands for industry use in catalase, the development of catalase, especially in food industry, will be highly appreciated. Whatever kinds of catalase products you need, we can meet your all demands with the well-equipped technologies and novel strategies.” said Dr. Forst, a scientific officer in Creative Enzymes.

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