Creative Biolabs Introduces All-inclusive Exosome-related Services

As a world-leading service provider in the exosome field, Creative Biolabs has spared no efforts to update its exosome-related services, aiming to unlock the full potential of exosome as novel therapeutics.

Exosomes are small vesicles (30-150nm in diameter) containing complex RNA and proteins, mainly derived from multivesicular bodies formed by intracellular lysosomal microsomes. They have received extensive attention in recent years due to its function of mediating cell-to-cell communication and regulating the characteristics of target cells.

2019 witnessed rapid development of research on exosome, which is proved to play an important role in immunosurveillance and tumor pathogenesis. According to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc., the global exosomes market size is expected to reach $ 2.28 billion by 2030, with a CAGR of nearly 18.0% during the forecast period, 2019-2024.

Empowered by leading technology and years of experience in biomedical science, Creative Biolabs is confident to assist customers to exploit the exosomes by providing customized, standardized and reliable exosome products and services covering sampling, analysis, manufacturing of exosome as well as exosome-based therapeutics.

Isolation and purification are two key parts of exosome sampling. Creative Biolabs is skilled in separating exosomes derived from a wide range of cells, covering B cells, tumor cells, dendritic cells and almost all kinds of biofluid. Validated protocols have also been developed to purify exosomes with decreased co-purification of non-exosomal proteins, such as ultracentrifugation and microfiltration, immunoaffinity capture and size exclusion chromatography.

Exosome analysis mainly includes characterization, quantification, profiling as well as exosome proteomics and lipidomics & metabolomics. Take exosome profiling as an example, Creative Biolabs provides different exosomal profiling platforms for the isolation, purification, quantification, and analysis of required exosomes, mainly including isolation and profiling of exosomal RNA, exosomal cfDNA, exosomal protein and Exosome-NGS (RNA next generation sequencing).

“Although the detection and molecular analysis of exosomes is very challenging, we have equipped ourselves with advanced equipment and platforms to achieve multifarious exosome profiling according to its specific contents.” Said a senior scientist in Creative Biolabs.

Exosome manufacturing consists of engineering and manufacturing. Supported by exosome engineering platforms, scientists in Creative Biolabs can extensively refresh mechanisms of exosome functions with several advanced systems for exosome labeling, targeting and load cargo into exosomes. Downstream processing is also available for customers to obtain functional or drug-loaded exosomes.

As for exosome-based applications, exosome antibodies have been widely used as exosome research tools and for clinical applications such as disease prognosis and diagnosis. To help promote the exosomal studies and their clinical use, Creative Biolabs provides high-quality antibody development services using different technologies, including phage display antibody screening and B cell sorting, which can help the discovery of antibodies that recognize exosome-associated antigens with sufficient sensitivity and specificity.

In the following decade, exosomes will attract increasing attention in their clinical applications for prognosis, diagnosis, drug delivery, and vaccine development. With an unrelenting drive in the biotechnology research area, Creative Biolabs, which will keep advancing high-quality, end-to-end services to help global customers accelerate their exosome research, hopes to do contributions to exosome application for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Further information can be found on:

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Creative Biolabs is a US-based company with a history more than 15 years focusing on exosomal services and products. As a first-class biotech manufacturer, Creative Biolabs, offering high-quality and cost-effective exosome-related solutions to clients worldwide, has accumulated extensive experience in the field with hundreds of successful cases.

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