Creative Biogene Launches Various Custom Libraries Construction Services to Effectively Speed up Its Application in DNA Design and Construction

Creative Biogene announces the realease of its flagship program — Custom Libraries Construction serivce, which is mainly featured with advanced design and construction services of all kinds of DNA libraries for various applications.

Creative Biogene, the world’s leading biotechnology products, and services provider, whose mission focuses on supporting researchers to explore in the field of gene discovery, regulation, and function, holding a leading position in the global market. Recently Creative Biogene announces the release of its flagship program -- Custom Libraries Construction service, which is mainly featured with advanced design and construction services of all kinds of DNA libraries for various applications.

A cDNA library is a combination of cloned cDNA fragments inserted into certain vectors, which are then further inserted into a collection of selected host cells. These cDNA fragments are produced by mRNA that is completely transcribed from the nucleus, and the cDNA library forms part of the transcriptome of the organism. The cDNA library has no introns and is a powerful tool for isolating genes encoding mRNA. With our advanced technology, Creative Biogene can generate cDNA libraries in a variety of available vectors using fewer mRNA samples. The samples that are supported in Creative Biogene range from plants, fungi to bacteria and animals. Our experienced scientists are capable to guarantee a high recombination rate and low cloning redundancy, as well as competitive price and fast turnaround time.

Genomic library is a collection of DNA covering the entire genome of an organism. The genomic library contains all DNA sequences, such as expressed genes, unexpressed genes, exons and introns, promoter and terminator regions, inserted DNA sequences, etc. It is commonly used for genome mapping, sequencing, and research on specific genes. A genomic DNA library contains a total genomic DNA fragment isolated from a single organism. The DNA fragments are stored in a combination of some of the same vectors, which are representative of the entire genome. Genomic DNA libraries are used for genome sequencing of organisms and to compare genes or proteins between different organisms at the genomic level. Genes can also be isolated from genomic DNA libraries for further study of mammalian cell lines and animal models.

As a leading provider of genomic library building services, Creative Biogene offers the most affordable genomic library construction services and meets your downstream needs with the fastest turnaround time. And we can provide customized low-input genomic DNA library construction services to meet your specific requirements.

“Except for above-mentioned library construction services, Creative Biogene also provide other types of services, such as BAC Library Construction Service, Fosmid Library Construction Service, Mutant Library Construction Service, as well as Shotgun Library Construction Service.” said by Marcia Brady, the marketing director of Creative Biogene, she also claimed that, “Creative Biogene is able to provide high quality library construction and downstream related services for your scientific research, our advanced technology and experienced scientists can also customize specific plans for your needs.”

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