Creative Biogene Develops Custom Services For Its Adenovirus Service

June, 12th, 2016, as a manufacturer and provider of genomics and proteomics products, Creative Biogene develops custom services for its adenovirus services.

With extensive experience in supplying kits, reagents and services to researchers, Creative Biogene has been gained good fame in this field and holds one belief that only high-quality products can conquer customers.

For decades of endeavor of scientists, there are now 52 kinds of adenovirus named from ad1-ad52. Among these virus, ad2 is studied in detail. Adenovirus is carcinogenic for rodents or it can transform rodent cells in vitro. What’s more, it also can infect the respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract, urinary tract and bladder, eyes, liver, etc. Generally, about 1/3 Human adenovirus with known serotypes are associated with human diseases. What’s worse, adenovirus with the same serotype can cause different clinical disorders.

Equipped by advanced technologies and staffed by experienced scientists, recently Creative Biogene develops a series of custom services in its adenovirus service.

As for adenovirus service in Creative Biogene, its excellent facilities and extensively experienced researchers can support all areas of adenovirus vector design and construction, even the generation of the adenovirus in higher titer. The turn around time can be greatly shortened because of the unique and efficient process of the generation of new adenovirus constructs.

The recombinant adenovirus from Creative Biogene, as versatile and highly efficient tools, are widely used for the gene delivery and expression in mammalian cells. Due to the various biological features of adenovirus, they have been the vectors for in vitro and in vivo applications.

As mentioned above, Creative Biogene can offer all kinds of services related to adenovirus for research use. However, this can not meet the a variety of demands in this field. So scientists in Creative Biogene developed the custom services in adenovirus services as follows:

1.Clone gene of interest into an appropriate transfer vector.
2.Transfect HEK 293 cells with recombinant viral DNA to produce recombinant adenovirus.
3.Create high-titer recombinant adenovirus stock.

“adenovirus services added with these custom services will be more useful and more comprehensive than before. Customers can request all kinds of services according to their specific requirements. Of course, the quotation of these services is in line with market prices.” said Dr. Luke Smith, senior scientist in Creative Biogene.
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