Creative Biogene Developed High Quality Adjuvants Products to Accelerate Vaccine Development

Creative Biogene announced the release of its adjuvants products in order to accelerate vaccine development and related research.

Creative Biogene, as a scientists-founded and scientists-driven leading biotechnological company, focuses on developing high quality products and services to support the research in the field of basic life sciences research, biomedical development, industrial synthetic application and preclinical drug discovery. Recently, Creative Biogene announced the release of its adjuvants products in order to accelerate vaccine development and related research.

Creative Biogene has advanced equipment, technology and experienced staff, and can provide customers with a series of high-quality adjuvant products for vaccine development, such as Freund's adjuvant, bacterial-derived adjuvant, and fee-based receptor agonist and CpG ODN. Creative Biogene offers the largest selection of vaccine adjuvants. They have been approved for human vaccination or are still under research. They include granular adjuvants, such as alum and emulsions, and molecules known to activate pattern recognition receptors (PRR), called PRR agonists. Adjuvants are essential to enhance and direct the adaptive immune response to vaccine antigens. They not only enhance the immunogenicity and protective efficacy of the vaccine, but also help to avoid the intensified TH2 polarization response.

Adjuvants work through different mechanisms. These include:
Alum and Emulsion-Create a reservoir that captures the antigen at the injection site and continuously stimulate the immune system by increasing the recruitment and activation of antigen presenting cells (APC).
PRR agonists-effectively activate the local innate immune response, mainly targeting APC, thus affecting the necessary adaptive immune response. Almost all members of the PRR family are potential targets of adjuvants.

Adjuvants may affect the immune response through a combination of multiple mechanisms, including the formation of long-term effects, inducing cytokines and chemokines, recruiting immune cells, enhancing antigen uptake and presentation, and promoting antigen transport to draining lymph nodes. The adjuvant seems to activate the innate immune response, thereby creating a local immune environment at the injection site. Depending on the type of innate response activated, adjuvants can change the quality and quantity of the adaptive immune response.

Adjuvants are essential for finding new vaccines against challenging pathogens and vulnerable people who have a poor response to traditional vaccines. The adjuvants provided by Creative Biogene are prepared under strict aseptic conditions to ensure sterility and undergo thorough endotoxin testing. It also provides the standard antigen ovalbumin.

The characteristics of CpG ODN make it possible to provide better services for vaccine research and cancer immunotherapy. Creative Biogene has advanced equipment, advanced technology and experienced employees, and can provide serious and high-quality CpG ODN products, including Type A ODN, Type B ODN and Type C ODN.

“Creative Biogene’s goal is to provide you with the most affordable and high-quality adjuvants and CpG ODN products,” said Marcia Brady, she also added, “Except for CpG ODN products, Creative Biogene also provides other adjuvants, such as Freund's Complete Adjuvant, Squalene and Lipopolysaccharides from E. coli etc.”

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