Creative Bioarray Releases High-quality Chromosome Probes Covering Human Chromosome to Satisfy Research Needs

Creative Bioarray recently announced the release of its high-quality chromosome probes covering each human chromosome to satisfy specific research needs.

Creative Bioarray, the world’s leading biotechnology products and services provider who has focuses on backing up global scientists to facilitate the investigation of life science researches, recently announced the release of its high-quality chromosome probes covering each human chromosome to satisfy specific research needs.

Creative Bioarray has a full set of DNA probe libraries for specific chromosomes (whole chromosomes, specific chromosome arms, or chromosome fragments) that are fluorescently labeled. DNA is prepared by chromosome staining, and then the probe is hybridized to mitosis by fluorescence in situ hybridization (chromosome separation). After the hybridization is completed, a multi-color coating effect will be produced at the hybridization site. Then, Creative Bioarray can observe the fluorescence intensity on the chromosomes under a fluorescence microscope to analyze and study chromosome recombination, aberrations, and homologous genes.

In addition, the centromeric probes provided by Creative Bioarray can be combined with the centromeric regions of specific chromosomes to measure the number and type of specific chromosomes. The centromere probe binds to the repeated alpha satellite DNA sequence. The repetitive sequence of DNA is different from other DNA, which is tightly wound throughout the cell cycle.

The subtelomere-specific probes provided by Creative Bioarray have been used to focus on specific subtelomere regions and have been developed in the research of new disease syndromes. Subtelomere-specific probes can also be used for research on autism, recurrent miscarriage and other aspects. Besides, the CABR satellite enumeration probes provided by Creative Bioarray specifically identify highly repetitive DNA sequences in 24 human chromosomes. These highly repetitive DNA sequences exist in the centromeres, centromeres and heterochromatin regions of chromosomes.

Highlights of chromosome probes offered by Creative Bioarray:
The chromosome probe products offered by Creative Bioarray are highly specific and sensitive in identifying human pathology.
Centromere probes can be used to detect single or aneuploid chromosomes, and can also be used as reference probes for other genes.
Subtelomere-specific probes are selected from the unique sequences at the end to obtain the most possible chromosome specificity, which can be used for routine subtelomere enumeration and integrity testing.
“Creative Bioarray has spent decades of efforts in the field of chromosome probes. We are happy to provide our customers with high-quality chromosome probes to satisfy your needs. Our products are not only efficient and inexpensive, but our experts will do their best to provide you with professional help.” said Hannah Cole, the marketing director of Creative Biogene, she also added, “If you have specific requirements for your research, we can also provide customized solutions to acclerate your research progress.”

About Creative Bioarray
Founded in 2005, Creative Bioarray is dedicated to offering customers with innovative biotechnology products and services for research use to greatly enhance and drive innovation and standards in science. As a well-recognized industry leader with more than 10 years of experience and in-house experts supported, Creative Bioarray has already countenanced research all around the world.

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