Creative Bioarray Launches Well-characterized Oncology Models to Accelerate All Stages of Drug Discovery

Creative Bioarray announced the release of its broad range of oncology models for scientists to choose the most appropriate models in order to accelerate each step of cancer research.

DDA platform, the major division of Creative Bioarray, whose mission is developing unique technologies that provide global scientists with high quality products and satisfactory services to accelerate life science research. Recently it announced the release of its broad range of oncology models for scientists to choose the most appropriate models in order to accelerate each step of cancer research.

The models used in cancer research are constantly changing and extending to all stages of drug discovery, including target identification, lead structure optimization, biomarker analysis, tolerance, toxicity, and individual patient prediction. Currently, choosing the most appropriate model to best reflect a given tumor entity is one of the main challenges facing cancer researchers. Creative Bioarray provides a wide range of xenografts with complete features, patient-derived xenografts (PDX), syngeneic tumor models and genetically engineered mouse models (GEMM). By combining these models with appropriate biomarkers (including flow cytometry and imaging), Creative Bioarray's product portfolio can provide researchers with the most appropriate research design and screening methods.

Creative Bioarray has established many PDX models, covering various solid tumors such as ovarian cancer, lung cancer and colorectal cancer, as well as hematopoietic tumors such as leukemia. All these PDX models have been evaluated by histopathological examination and comprehensive gene expression analysis. Creative Bioarray's PDX model portfolio includes subcutaneous, in situ and diffuse cancer models, extensive molecular and pharmacological characterization, and complete records of patients before treatment, and integration method using the same PDX model and/or corresponding cell line.

The cell-derived xenotransplantation (CDX) model is a commonly accepted model for the research and development of anti-tumor drugs. Due to the user-friendly technology and excellent reproducibility of the CDX model, it is also widely used in the early stages of in vivo studies. The CDX model is established by inoculating tumor cells that have been passaged in vitro for a long time into immunodeficient mice. As an indispensable step in the oncology drug discovery process, the CDX model provides key decision-making information so that agents can move on and customers can advance their preclinical development plans in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Creative Bioarray lists more than 90 tumor cell lines that can be used in immunocompromised mice. The stock of tumor cells is well-defined and can only be obtained from trusted sources. Creative Bioarray can also provides subcutaneous, in situ or metastatic tumor models, as well as in vivo pharmacology and pharmacodynamics services for corresponding models according to customer requirements.

“Creative Bioarray is committed to providing you with the most innovative preclinical models to describe the underlying mechanisms of the disease and to enable you to choose the most promising candidates.” said Hannah Cole, the marketing director of Creative Bioarray, “Our mission is to help accelerate the next generation of targeted cancer treatments that benefit patients in a safe, effective and affordable way.”

About DDA platform
As a mature division of Creative Bioarray, DDA platform definitely will be the ideal and reliable innovation partner in research endeavors. With the support of professional scientists and years of experience, We are capable to provide a knowledgeable, collaborative and flexible service to our clients so as to accelerated drug development and improved research quality for worldwide projects.

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