Crazytown's Rotten Rollin Releases New Song Poised to Help Mental Health In America

Crazytown's new song focuses on directing 20% of net sale proceeds to mental health.

When the band Crazytown gave us their hit song “Butterfly”, the world of music changed forever. It was a moment that led many people to become lifelong fans of the band, and more specifically, of their drummer Rotten Rollin. Crazytown fans we’ll be happy to hear that they are releasing a new album in 2022, but before that, Rotten Rollin plans to take center stage, all for an amazing cause. Rotten Rollin is releasing a new song, one that has a greater purpose than to simply entertain. In a time when mental health is so precarious, Rotten Rollin has created a new single “Wish You Well” that sheds light on the mental health crisis in America.

The song, which will be released on October 8th, is as hardcore and soulful and Rollin’s other tracks. It features bandmate Seth Binzer of Crazytown, as well as Peter Distefano of Porno for pyros, og6blocc Raoul Gonzales, fuxwag Moeazy, and Mikal Blue Revolver Studios. “Wish You Well” promises to bring rock music back to the radio, as well as doing something positive for the people who love it. The single has pledged that 20% of all net sales will go toMental Health America, a non-profit organization dedicated to addressing the needs of people struggling with mental illness as well as attempting to lift the overall mental wellbeing of the nation. The song comes at a time when depression and anxiety are skyrocketing, particularly in the younger generations. Music has always been a path to connection, solace, and community, and “Wish You Well” aims to do just that.

Audiences can see “Wish You Well” performed live on Rotten Rollin’s upcoming coming tour which will kick off on October 26th and last through November 27th. As fans of Crazytown already know, Rollin is one of the greatest live performers of his generation and the tour is sure to be unforgettable. The new track is like many of Rollin’s previous records, in that there’s simply nothing better than seeing and hearing it live.

Rotten Rollin has said that the creative force that drove him while writing this track and others is the vibes in the studio and the experiences of those around him. He takes what is personal to his life, as well as what he witnessed in those closest to him and creates music that has deep meaning for everyone. Rollin has said he never feels more inspired to continue creating music than when he gets to connect with his fans. Rollin and his fans are a true support to one another, as all great bands and performers tend to be with their audience.

Rotten Rollin's life has also been filled with unbelievable highs and insane experiences, not the least of which was when Crazytown was touring and crashed into a moose destroying their entire tour bus. If you somehow missed this story, it’s an absolute must-read and is linked here.

Rollin is a true creative, and that means that it doesn’t just stop at music. He has become an emerging entrepreneur involved with several different brands within the fashion and music industry. He has a new boutique custom drum company called Diamond Kut Drums, where musicians can find drums that are innovative in style, and sturdy enough to take a beating. Rolling also has a new fashion line, although it’s almost too hardcore to be called such. The Rotten Rollin Brand sells urban streetwear designed for musicians, artists, skaters, and anyone who wants to takes as many risks in their fashion sense as they do in their life. A standout piece from the collection is the pink bullet-proof vest that’s as functional as it is fly. The brand sells merch that only Rotten Rollin could have designed such as neon ski masks, t-shirts, and an overall badass attitude, all of which can be found at

It’s wild to realize how long Rollin has been killing the game, for the last 3 decades, giving us killer songs, and making the misfits feel like they had a community who understood them. Yes, he’s a talented musician who can absolutely destroy on the drums, but he’s so much more than that. He’s taken his unique style and personality and created businesses that are a true expression of himself. His newest song “Wish You Well”, is the apex of his true nature, hardcore rock, but with a soul, and we for one can’t wait to hear it.

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