Couples Rehabs Updates Addiction Treatment During COVID-19

Addiction Treatment During COVID-19 for couples has seen its hard times, however the programs in Illinois are growing to meet the needs of its people.

Couples Rehabs in Illinois reports on the growing need to get struggling addicts into treatment during the coronavirus pandemic. Addicts are more at risk for serious health complications is they contract the virus.

Couples Rehabs works with several facilities that offer a comprehensive approach to ending substance abuse through research, education, clinical care, counseling, and prevention. It advises those involved in patients lives and offers comprehensive treatment options for drug and alcohol abuse, addiction and mental health problems. Certified addiction counselors (doctors specializing in addiction counseling) and licensed clinical social workers provide drug-dependent treatment for adults 18 and older.

The state of Illinois also offers a program called Extended Care, a rehabilitation program for adults 18 and older that can be performed for up to six month. Programs are offered to provide education and group counselling relevant to the treatment of drug and alcohol abuse, addiction, and mental health problems. To review resources for preventing youth substance use, including marijuana, alcohol, tobacco, and opioids.

Research supported by the Division of Neuroscience and Behavior (DNB) provides important basic information on the prevention and intervention of drug abuse and addiction. In this regard, NIDA addresses the need to identify and respond to new trends in drug abuse, understand how drugs work in the brain and body, and develop and test new approaches to treatment and prevention. For an inpatient couples rehab in Illinois contact a representative for assistance.

The NIDA International Program works with colleagues around the world to find evidence-based solutions to drug-related HIV / AIDS and other global health problems. Their mission is to promote understanding of drug use, addiction and substance abuse in the United States and to apply this knowledge to improve individual and public health.

There is a national program called CJ-DATS that helps to develop and test integrated approaches to the prevention and treatment of drug use and addiction in prisoners.

The US Department of Health and Human Services has established the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) to raise awareness and prevention of alcohol and drug abuse among adolescents and young adults.

Couples Rehabs suggests that alcohol use and the associated consequences of alcohol addiction, such as depression, anxiety, and substance abuse, may be associated with increased vulnerability to other drugs.

In total, there were 2,737 opioid overdose deaths in Illinois in 2017, 1,154 of which were caused by heroin alone. Of the 1.7 million opioid overdose deaths in Illinois this year, 40 percent were alcohol related.

In 2019, opioid overdose deaths among Illinois residents increased 3% from 2,167 deaths in 2018 to

2,233 deaths in 2019 overdose deaths are currently trending upward at this point in 2020.

Since the data on fatal opioid overdoses are still provisional, the report does not contain demographic data of the opioid overdose deaths. However, the hospital and EMS data indicate a continuation of the previously reported racial disparities, with Non-Hispanic Black or African-American populations continuing to be disproportionally affected by opioids. notes that the troubling trend shows an increase in opioid overdose deaths in Illinois since COVID-19 pandemic hit the country. NIDA has made a national effort to evaluate the treatment's effectiveness in reducing drug abuse and identify predictors of its success.

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