Couples Rehabs In Minnesota Release New To Do List For 2020

Minnesota couples rehabs offer a tailored program for each induvial and couple, including therapy and addiction counseling

Minnesota couples rehab centers receive a new list of what to expect for treatment in a year with many challenging events happening. Couples Rehabs implemented a checklist for couples looking to enter a rehab for couples in Minnesota.
Entering a drug or alcohol treatment center is a difficult decision, but when you add a national pandemic like COVID-19, it makes the decision that much more challenging. There are many things to consider when entering into addiction treatment, and the coronavirus adds one more thing to think about.

Couples Rehabs has comprised a list of items that couples should do when looking into a couples rehab program in Minnesota during this time.
1. Ask what type of protocol the treatment center has during admission for the virus
2. Make sure all new patients are tested for coronavirus before entering the facility.
3. Find out if group meetings have the proper social distancing.
4. What happens when a new patient tests positive for COVID-19.
5. How many people share the same room or floor.
6. How often the staff is tested for the virus.
7. Have they had or have any active cases of the virus at their facility.
These are the basic questions a couple should ask before entering into a substance abuse treatment program. Thankfully, most rehabilitation centers have addressed these issues and have systems and policies already in place to provide a safe environment for the couple.

When a couple decides to get help, they often look for a couples treatment center where they can share a room during their treatment. Some studies show that having you spouse or significant other with you during treatment helps minimize anxiety or depression.

Not all couples should attempt to get sober together, there are some circumstances where couples should get treatment individually. There are some cases where court orders or domestic violence has occurred in the relationship and the center may choose to have the couple separated upon entry.

If a couple is looking to enter a program together they need to speak with the administrator of the treatment center and be completely honest about all issues. They need to understand all the health issues and any outstanding items from the courts, if any.

The length of treatment will depend on the patient, and everyone is different. There are different types of medical treatments available depending on the patient’s needs. Minnesota couples rehabs offer a tailored program for each induvial and couple, including therapy and addiction counseling.

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