Country Music and Clothing Continuing to Sweep The Nation

Taylor Swift is leading the charge as country music and culture becomes more ingrained into American society. Country clothing stores seeing increased sales of western style hats and boots

With country music having a nationwide impact, the theme of recurring and returning eras continues again. In recent years we've seen the retro styles of 70s & 80s make a strong comeback and the thrift stores thriving since their worldwide recognition after World War ll.

According to Amy Vandenstockt, owner of the western style clothing store (, Hat Country, “Music’s effect on the media has never been more apparent than it is in today’s society. While country music still remains at the heart of places like Atlanta, Georgia, it seems that the craze is set to take off nationwide.“

Undoubtedly one of the greatest factors pushing in the craze has to be the rise of the lovable Taylor Swift. The country girl from Pennsylvania, with an eye for a love story and an ear for catchy country choruses. Her rise to success started with a self-titled debut album back in 2006. Since then, she’s gone on to becoming one of the bestselling artists in history.

Her crossover style between pop and country has paved her way to success. Though, despite this her latest album “1989”, features no country at all and is entirely pop throughout. It seems Taylor Swift and her team have successfully mastered the art of bringing the innocent country girl with an acoustic guitar and a sweet voice, and transformed her into an international superstar. Though sadly now Swift is moving away from her country routes as far as her music styling goes.

Regardless of Swift’s current endeavors, country music looks to be making a return to popular culture. With country clothing such as signature country style hats and boots flying off the shelf ( it’s nice to see country culture making a strong return not just to its roots, but to the whole of the US.

Country music is associated with things arguably lost in today’s society. Reminiscent memories of better times will surely be sparked up by the new flux. The nation will hopefully start to kick back and enjoy the sweet sound of an acoustic guitar and the honest vocals of a slightly overweight fellow sporting the traditional country clothing, homemade beer in hand.

With current fads and phases usually lasting no longer than 6 months, it will be interesting to see whether country culture can embed itself firmly into mainstream America. There are arguably worse trends encountered by many in recent years that lasted much longer than the majority would have hoped.

Perhaps the interest will once again unite America in a way that doesn't involve iPhones or Facebook. If country can break into society in more ways than just its appearance, then hopefully the morals and values can be brought in too, for the better.

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