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Denver, CO United States – November 30, 2020

COEA recognizes Daniel W. Leonard, CFP®, EA, CLTC as a top professional in Retirement and Financial Planning - San Ramon, CA
Daniel W. Leonard, Certified Financial Planner™ and Enrolled Agent from Marathon Retirement Planning on 401(k) trends, "Many people don't activity watch their 401(k), and are guessing where to invest. When they get started, it is a small account, and 15 years later, it is their largest investment outside their home. When the market corrects, there can be panic. They tend to feel the pain more than people that get help managing their 401(k). Having a plan for the long run helps."

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COEA recognizes Alan C. Kifer CFP® as a top professional in the Retirement Planning Industry - Scottsdale, AZ
With over 31 years of education, training and experience, Alan C. Kifer [CFP®]was selected as America's 1st Retirement Advisor of the Year. "It's my distinct privilege to show individuals/families how to: ENSURE their Income is Guaranteed, Reliable and Predictable; INSURE their Assets against Creditors, Predators and other major life risks; and thereby ASSURE their Retirement Peace-of-Mind."

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COEA recognizes J. Michael Bass, CFP®, CIMA® as a top professional in Private Wealth Strategies - Altamonte Springs, FL
J. Michael Bass, CEO of PrimeQuest Wealth Strategies, commented on why many people do not achieve their desired financial future, “Most of the conventional wisdom taught by the financial services industry is self-serving and just plain wrong! The key for people to have the best financial outcome is making better decisions with their money, not trying to pick the next trendy investment. Strategy and process always trumps products and emotion!”

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COEA recognizes Mark S. Kapsky as a top professional in the Health Insurance Industry - Chatham, NJ
Mark S. Kapsky, Licensed Insurance Advisor, serves businesses and retirees with innovative and customized health care cost management solutions.

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COEA recognizes Steven D. Cox as a top professional in Financial Planning - Salt Lake City, UT
Steven D. Cox, a Financial Advisor to business owners and entrepreneurs from SDP Personalized Planning in Salt Lake, commented on opportunities for year-end planning in 2020: "Given the opportunities made available only in 2020 through the CARES Act, and coupled with the likelihood of tax rate increases in the coming years, 2020 can be an especially potent year for year-end business and tax planning. A few strategic moves now could be game-changing.

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COEA recognizes Joe Allbright as a top professional in the Financial Services Industry - Odessa, TX
Joe Allbright, Owner/Advisor at Retire West Texas, was endorsed by his CEO client who said “I’m so glad my father sent me to you…we’ve got our living expenses guaranteed for life and can still access an additional $250,000 a year tax-free when we want it! Doesn’t get much better than that!”

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COEA recognizes R. Michael Malone as a top professional in Investment - Westminster, CO
Michael Malone, Registered Representative, has over 24 years of experience in the industry. Michael and his team have helped hundreds of pre-retirees and retirees realize that the best way to make money is to have a strategy to help limit losses. While it is natural to be concerned about saving for retirement— it is important to have an income strategy, too.

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COEA recognizes Daniel F. Spagnolo as a top professional in the Financial Advisory Industry - Huntington Station, NY
Daniel F Spagnolo, Financial Specialist, outstanding achievement in the Pension Trust Premium. Daniel's high standards and knowledge has been a strong asset in setting up our financial strategies at Men on the Move Inc.

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COEA recognizes Stewart Fields as a top professional in Financial Planning - Dallas, TX
Stewart Fields, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER and Managing Partner at OpenAir Advisers commented on a common industry complaint, “Poor communication is the single biggest issue in our industry - and it’s been exacerbated during this crisis. Clients desperately want to hear from their advisors, but aren’t. At OpenAir, we flip the script by creating multiple touch points every month. Whether it’s tax planning or portfolio updates, we stay in constant contact with our clients and their families."

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COEA recognizes Rodney Jarrell, MBA, CPA, CFP® as a top professional in Financial Services - Carrollton, TX
With over 40 years of experience, Rodney Jarrell, MBA, CPA, CFP® has discovered how to proactively plan for retirement by designing customized strategies that emphasize tax planning, investment planning, Social Security, Medicare, and long-term care. His firm, Lakeview Financial Solutions, uses a variety of advanced financial planning tools, portfolio management solutions, and tax strategies to help investors succeed in all areas of wealth building and retirement planning.

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