Costa Rica Vacations Company Empowers Travelers With Customized Vacation Packages

Costa Rica Vacations (CRV) is a full-service all inclusive local travel agency. Recently CRV announced the launch of their new revolutionary web design that allows travelers the freedom to customize their own vacation package.

Costa Rica Vacations (CRV) has, for over two decades, been facilitating vacationers to this tiny Central American nation of just over 4.5 million. With tourism numbers on the rise, the company has projected record numbers through 2014.

Supported by statistical data released by the country's tourism authority ICT (Instituto Costarricense de Turismo), these projections appear founded. Tourism is one of Costa Rica’s main economic activities, and last year the country received more than 2.1 million visitors, according to officials.

It was only just recently the country revealed it's new brand initiative of Essential COSTA RICA. "We had a destination brand for 16 years, with very positive results and that experience allows us to evolve and follow global trends, now we will have a complete brand which will enhance all promotional efforts" said the Minister of Tourism, Allan Flores.

Costa Rica is a country most commonly recognized as the ultimate in natural beauty and having won two years in a row, as the happiest place on Earth.

Adapting to current and dynamic world travel trends, CRV believes in the element of "personalization". At CRV every client is treated like old friends. Costa Rica Vacations provides a level of customer service unparalleled in a market dominated by corporate giants with zero knowledge of the countries they sell vacation packages to. This is where CRV shines.

The latest incarnation of the CRV web site features boldly, the option for travelers to customize their own Costa Rica vacation packages while at the same time having the helping hand of the local travel experts there to consult upon should they require it.

As a specialized local travel agency, CRV is capable of providing insight in to the country that the big corporates can not. In fact one of the top reasons clients continue to refer their friends and family to CRV is because of this point.

"Once we decided upon Costa Rica as our destination for our honeymoon, our friends [Gary & Helena] suggested we contact CRV. They told us that during their recent trip, the friendly and courteous staff bent over backwards and in the end they enjoyed a holiday of a lifetime.", claimed one recent traveler and CRV customer.

The fact is, when considering a vacation destination it's always advisable to trust the ones who live, sleep and breath the country - the ones that know it's most precious secrets everyone won't find on any travel map.

Costa Rica Vacations (CRV) provides personalized service from qualified travel experts that not only live in the country, but most often are locals themselves.

"Professionalism and personalization are foundational words we at CRV have blossomed from. Our staff of highly trained and knowledgeable travel experts are some of the best and it is because of this that we've be fortunate to expand while others in our field have contracted.", stated founding partner of CRV, Don Halbert.

About Costa Rica Vacations (CRV):
Founded in 1992, Costa Rica Vacations(CRV) is a local full service travel agency employing a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable staff of travel experts capable of providing an unmatched level of service. CRV takes pride in recognizing each customer’s unique needs and creates a tailor made vacation itinerary to suit them. CRV is a privately held company headquartered in Tamarindo, Costa Rica.

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