Cosmetic Surgery Site Launches Campaign to Increase Consumer Awareness

Beauty Doctor TX strongly urges patients to ask questions before a cosmetic procedure.

According to Statistic Brain, Americans underwent 1.6 million cosmetic surgical procedures in 2012, with the top five surgical procedures being breast augmentation, liposuction, cosmetic eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, and tummy tucks. "When opting to undergo a cosmetic surgical procedure, consumers need to obtain all of the facts to ensure they make an informed decision as to whether or not the procedure is the right choice for them," JR Wilson of Beauty Doctor TX declares.

Consumers typically think of the above cosmetic procedures when they think of plastic surgery, yet there are many other procedures which may be done to improve a person's appearance. "When one meets with a surgeon for an assessment, numerous things occur in a short period of time. The assessment allows the patient and doctor to determine which procedure or procedures are needed and whether the two feel comfortable working together. During this meeting, the patient asks questions and brings up any concerns while the surgeon sets expectations when it comes to the results," Wilson explains.

Depending on what one wants to do, options may be available to the patient and the doctor explains this during the assessment. Furthermore, he or she ensures the patient understands the recovery process for the selected procedure, what it entails and activity during this time. Health issues of the patient need to be addressed during the consultation so problems don't arise. According to Wilson, the more both parties understand about the needs, requirements and expectations of the other, the more satisfied everyone will be with the final results. In addition, if a surgeon promises a particular outcome, the patient must be hesitant as no one can promise exact results, thanks to the unique makeup of each patient.

Cosmetic surgery should never be undertaken lightly because the patient's health may be affected. Cosmetic procedures don't differ from other operations as they require the use of anesthesia and invasive work on the physique. Although major advances have been made in this area over the past few decades, patients must ask a number of questions to ensure the benefits and risks of the procedures are understood and that the patient is comfortable with the work to be done. "Anything less and the cosmetic surgeon isn't doing his or her job," Wilson forcefully states.

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