Cosmetic Dentistry Can Reduce Wrinkles, Says Arthur Glosman, DDS

Noted cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills publishes article about wrinkle reduction through the process of cosmetic dentistry.

Arthur Glosman DDS, a leading cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills, announced today that he has published a new article on the subject of wrinkle reduction through cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Glosman has developed a number of specialized procedures that improve facial characterizes and skin wrinkles by improving the alignment of the underlying dentition and jaw.

“Few people understand that the alignment of your teeth affects the contour of your face,” said Dr. Glosman. “Change the teeth and you can reduce wrinkles. More broadly, cosmetic dentistry opens up a patient’s options for low risk aging methods. You can think of it as anti-wrinkle dentistry.”

Dr. Glosman cited an example, saying that a heavily forward or crowded set of upper teeth can give the appearance of a protruding mouth. This makes the nasolabial folds (the skin around the mouth and nose) appear deeper and more pronounced. According to Dr. Glosman, “The more apparent the nasolabial folds, the older you appear.” He added, “A protruding mouth also tends to draw your chin backward and downplay high cheekbones. For this reason, some cosmetic dentists will have you wear braces to push your upper set inwards.” The article can be found online…read more.

Arthur Glosman DDS has been practicing dentistry in Beverly Hills for over 10 years. His approach focuses not only the teeth but also the entire symmetry of the patient’s face to provide a comprehensive plan. Dr. Glosman is renowned for his unique procedures, the Glosman LipLift and Glosman DentaLift.

The Glosman LipLift restores a youthful look to the upper lip. The procedure accomplishes this goal by giving the upper lip a fuller and more vibrant appearance through the support of the upper teeth. It is suitable for patients who are considering a smile rejuvenation with veneers and ceramic crowns. The Glosman LipLift can also be helpful for people who feel they have a wrinkled, thin or sunken upper lip. “Your upper lip can fall prey aging, smoking, weight loss due to a breakdown in collagen and loss of skin elasticity,” Dr. Glosman added. “We can now address these issues through cosmetic dentistry.”

Dr. Glosman offers a wide array of general, cosmetic and orthodontic dental services to patients in Beverly Hills and neighboring communities who demand the best in overall dental care.

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