Corrie Cooks Launches Campaign To Make Cooking At Home Less Of A Chore

The educational website helps customers select the tools that will make meal preparation easier and more effective, reports

According to multiple studies, cooking at home is the key to a healthy diet. People who eat mainly home-cooked meals consume less sugar, fat, and salt as well as fewer calories than people who eat mostly restaurant food or prepared foods. Nonetheless, many people find it challenging to prepare meals at home on a regular basis. To help make cooking less of a chore, blogger Corrigan Duffy is sharing his knowledge of cooking and kitchen tools on his website, Corrie Cooks.

"The goal of my website is to help people find the tools they need so that they can enjoy the benefits of home-cooked meals for themselves and their family members," Duffy explained. "I've always enjoyed cooking, ever since I was a kid, but when I had my own kids, it became a lot more challenging to make the time for cooking. That's when I discovered what a difference certain tools and appliances can make. Learning how to use things like slow cookers and pressure cookers changed my life for the better, and I want to help other cooks find the products that meet their own needs."

One section of the website is devoted to answering common questions about cooking and using cooking appliances. Some of the featured articles address topics like using a pressure cooker at high altitude or understanding the difference between the high and low setting on a pressure cooker. Another section compares similar products or different versions of a single product to help readers choose between them. A third section of the website offers lists of the best products within a category (e.g. 4-quart pressure cookers) along with individual product reviews. "One of the services I'm offering is curated lists to help people find the specific products they're looking for," Duffy emphasized.

Still in the works is a section on food and recipes. "This is one of my big plans for the website," said Duffy, "and it will be available soon. I'm not a chef, just someone who likes to cook and share recipes. When I find good ones that are easy to follow and not too labor-intensive, I'll be posting them on the website."

By sharing information about cooking and time-saving cooking appliances, Duffy hopes to promote cooking at home as a healthy and attainable lifestyle. Find out more by visiting

About Corrie Cooks

Corrie Cooks is an educational website written by Corrigan Duffy, who answers common cooking questions that beginners have. A stay-at-home dad who does the majority of his family's meal preparation, Duffy uses the website to share his knowledge of cooking and cooking products. Although he enjoys cooking, he understands the pressure it creates when parents have to get meals on the table day in and day out; therefore, he is particularly interested in products that make cooking less of a chore. On the website, he compares best-selling products while helping readers find products that match their needs.

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