Corporations Outraged Over Distribution Rights To 26-Year-Olds Unprecdented Book

The young entrepreneur is steering clear of using major corporations to distribute his new book, leaving the industry leaders even more antsy for a part of the action.

Ryan Zamo, at just 26-years-old, has officially become a self-published author and the unprecedented book idea has corporate leaders seeing dollar signs. Ryan Zamo, the 26-year-old CEO of the organic cosmetics company Z Skin Cosmetics, is now releasing a self-written and published book “Your Pantries Secret To Flawless Skin”. The new organic recipe book for hair and skin treatments will explore the multiple uses for household items inside a pantry, the books title is play on words to his companies slogan; Natures Secret To Flawless Skin.

Zamo has decided to take the route of self-distribution for sales of his new book, already declining offers from large scale distributors, including the key players worldwide. As the young entrepreneur continues to deny these industry leaders, it seems more and more show up with new offers, only to be turned away.

The book features recipes and organic secrets for hair and skin, using ancient traditions passed on by his parents who were well rooted in the use of organics, Zamo commented “The excitement that I had from learning just how well organic herbs and oils work for your skin, is what I am trying to capture in my book, its actually really interesting to learn how much the things in your pantry can improve your skin and hair. Also, its cheap, easy and fun to do.”

The days of the traveling salesman may be a thing of the past, but Ryan Zamo has proven that the strategy will never die. With his proven success in the past, his innovative new book idea looks like it'll be an even brighter future for the hard-working entrepreneur.

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