Coronavirus: Why more rats are being spotted during quarantine

The coronavirus outbreak has brought many strange things to the world. Perhaps the strangest of all is the increase in rats spotted throughout big cities around the world. Experts suggest this is due to the lack of rubbish on the streets.

Young’s Pest Control are rodent experts that have a long history dealing with rat infestations. During COVID-19, the company has discovered an alarming number of calls relating to rat spottings. It appears that these rodents are coming out of their hiding spots and running around deserted cities. While this could be touted as a coincidence, it’s worth noting that the increase in rat numbers came shortly after cities were put on lockdown.

Hungry Rats Go Searching For Food
When cities and towns are busy, lots of people are walking about. As a result, the amount of waste increases. This is where rats get all of their food. It’s extremely rare for someone to consciously feed a rat. They tend to go roaming around in bins outside shops or on street corners, then retreat back to their hiding places.

Consequently, the lack of human activity has led to a reduction in waste. In turn, rats no longer have easy sources of food. They’re getting hungrier, which means they’re more likely to come out from the shadows to find a meal. Therefore, more rats are sighted. Rodent experts, like Young’s Pest Control, believe the number of rats isn’t increasing, it’s just that they aren’t hiding anymore.

Rat Problems In Homes
The issue with hungry rodents is that they don’t just run through streets looking for food. It stands to reason they will find the most obvious sources of food, which ends up being residential homes. While cities are deserted and free from rubbish, houses are accumulating more waste than ever before. This means lots of UK households are dealing with an excessive rodent problem.

While rats haven’t shown to carry COVID-19, they do carry various other diseases that are harmful to humans. Furthermore, they create havoc in the home. The last thing anyone needs during quarantine is a rat nest in the attic. Young’s Pest Control is continuing to offer 24-hour pest control services during the lockdown period. It gives homeowners a chance to protect their home from rats, or to get rid of any that have already laid nests. Until the world gets back to normal, there will be lots of hungry rats roaming the streets going through people’s bins. Thus, pest control services are more important than ever.

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