Coronavirus Immune System: Why Self-Care Offers The Best Defense Against Invisible Attackers Like COVID-19

People are stuck at home, waiting for scientists to discover a vaccine. While doctors recommend social distancing and the normal "diet and exercise" routine. Yet this situation isn't normal, so let's take things one step further.

Silicon Valley, California—The "diet and exercise" solution for disease as-we-know-it has been put on notice. The missing link in health and wellness is posture. Simply "good posture" is not enough with today's sedentary lifestyles. Poor posture weakens your immune system—And immune system strength accelerates with Core Flexibility. Posture Optimization Specialist, Aaron Parnell, says that over 50 health conditions are related to poor posture, and there is no medicine or safe surgery to correct them. Being forward-thinking about improving your posture to increase the strength of your immune system will become about as common as people brushing their teeth.

Parnell is Author of The Slouching Superhero’s Guide To Achieving Great Posture Available on Amazon. He declares, "Inside each of us is a superhero who is immune to disease and viruses. It is our destiny to achieve Vitality by having a strong immune system. Making this possible is my highest service to the planet."

"Make sure you continue to maintain your own health—keep yourself healthy with exercise. This is something we absolutely have to do for ourselves and humanity", says Dr. Syra Madad, Special Pathogens Expert.

By now, most of us have heard that the most critical equipment our front-line health workers need after PPE's is "ventilators." The body is equipped with over 80 muscles designed to expand and contract the rib-cage like a ventilator to pump protective lymph fluid throughout the body, which helps to combat illness. When you have poor posture, your body collapses in on itself, lymph fluid cannot flow efficiently, and your immune system becomes less efficient at protecting you from disease and viruses.

[The question to answer], according to Professor Dave O'Connor of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, is, "What is the lifestyle and health maintenance of the people who survive?" According to Parnell, "Our sedentary lifestyles and poor posture habits must be examined, and we need to optimize our lifestyles for great posture that happens effortlessly. Posture Optimization is a new category of science and service, and to me, it's better than rocket science! The secret is to be aggressively proactive about it."

According to Daytime Health Show Host, Dr. Mehmet Oz, "I have dedicated my life to helping people reduce their Real Age…and I think folks who have been able to stay on the healthy side of that curve have been able to weather the storm." Parnell adds, "As proactive individuals, we must shift our focus to work toward immunity and Vitality. Great posture that makes the immune system strong is an essential part of Vitality and Pain-Free Living."

The Superhero Startup Bootcamp™ has done the health and wellness industry one better. Unlike workouts that focus on "Core Strength," The Superhero Startup Bootcamp focuses on Core Flexibility, which leads to immune system strength. The Eight Exercises provide maximum benefit, using only a doorway or wall in your home or office. There will be more invisible attackers in the future. The critical action step is self-care that protects our immune system now and in the future.

This digital program is available for FREE until the end of the quarantine.

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, California, Posture Optimization Specialist, Aaron Parnell has spent over 100,000 hours helping athletes, executives, supermodels, students, and soccer moms; in a career that spans over four decades. Through his trademarked Reposturing therapy and workouts, Parnell makes it possible to be fit, flexible, and fabulous at any age, with great posture.

Allured Publishing, producers of the Face & Body Expo, recognizes Parnell for his leadership in the health, wellness, anti-aging, and beauty industries. He is a member of the International Society of Posture and Gait Research (ISPGR). He is also a Board Approved Institutional member of NCBTMB as well as an ABMP Certified Somatic Therapist.

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