Core Capital Group Group Launches Easy Sales Route For Homeowners To Sell Quickly introduces five-step plan for quick home sales to aid Baltimore area homeowners.

Writing for the business pages of the "U.S. News and World Report", Personal Finance columnist Teresa Mears advises homeowners on "10 Tips To Sell Your Home Fast." Teresa Mears reports, "The best way to sell a home is to enhance its curb appeal. It also a good idea to make sure the interior and exterior of the home has been updated in recently years."

For those homeowners who have trouble selling their homes, Ms. Mears writes, "You may also wish to sell your house to a company that will buy such a property quickly. These companies do not require you to fix or redecorate your home in any way. For those who need the cash value of their house or have to move in a short period of time, the services offered by a professional home-buying company can be invaluable."

Meeting the needs of homeowners who wish to sell their houses in the Baltimore area with a minimum of delay is the real estate group of Core Capital Group. Spokesperson Fola Adunola explains how they work with homeowners to achieve their goals. "Our representatives work with anyone who wants to sell a house without having to go the routine route of posting an ad either online or in the local newspaper. With our services, a homeowner can receive what their house and property are worth, without having to wait what can be weeks, months or years to find the right buyer. Since we do not require homeowners to fix or renovate their houses, property owners do not have to invest in such services before placing their homes on the market."

Fola Adunola wants all homeowners in the Baltimore, MD area to understand how easy the process of selling their home can be. "We are launching our new website at so that everyone in Maryland who needs to sell a home understands how quickly their house can be bought by the Core Capital Group for its fair market value. When prospective customers say 'I want to sell my house fast', we tell them it can be done in just five simple steps."

Company spokesperson Fola Adunola elaborates, "The first step is for our representatives to have a consultation with you about what you wish to achieve. This allows us to better understand your personal circumstances and offer ideas as to how we can help you on your journey. There is no need to repaint your house or fix your yard for our arrival. We buy houses in just the condition they are in."

Fola continues, "We then make you a cash offer on the spot. The homeowner has time to think about it and receive other offers, if that if what they would like to do. We present what we believe a home is worth. The final step in the process is when the homeowner accepts our offer. There are no hidden fees or costs involved. The homeowner will have enough time to move. We are proud of the services we offer and have helped many grateful homeowners in just this manner."

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The Core Capital Group is a well-respected firm specializing in residential real estate in the metropolitan area of Washington D.C. This company has operated with a mission to become a major force in the redevelopment of the area with their involvement in transforming current neighborhoods to give them new life. Since the inception of this real estate company in the year 2011, their team has worked to create new opportunities, assist homeowners and create community awareness in all of their projects.

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