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CoolNickname tells about its nickname generator platform

CoolNickname was officially launched on June 22nd, 2020, established by Khanh Hoa Informatics Association in Hanoi, Vietnam, after approximately three months of testing. This is a customization application on an online website platform to assist people with easily manipulating like copying, combining, or writing characters together.

While providing the standard Latin alphabet is genuinely straightforward for a computer, complicated symbols such as Georgian and Chinese characters are not quite simple. Therefore, CoolNickname was established to help you solve this problem.

Fancy text is a unique text with different symbols which make text content look cool. The fancy font is generated from signs utilizing Unicode rendering. Unicode is an industry method of encoding (delivering/appearing) characters on a screen.

CoolNickname is a nickname generator specialized in distinctive characters with over 45000 characters published by Unicode; such characters do well with operating systems like Windows as well as mobile applications, from ANDROID to IOS. You can utilize them on social media or send a text message to someone. It works well on almost every social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

Both employees and businesses can utilize new Unicode characters of CoolNickname in documents such as Excel and Word for daily work. If you are a Gamer, you can use CoolNickname to generate a cooler and unique game character name than the typical dull characters.

Unicode has various benefits that are very valuable and helpful. First of all, it encodes the single characters in the text files, web pages, or different documents. Unicode can uphold the characters from any language where ASCII can help the Basic English language. The character set of ASCII was around 128 characters, and the Unicode supports more than 1,000,000 characters. The Unicode encoding standard uses up to 4 bytes for every one of the characters.

Second, it standardizes the information on the World writing system into a definite type. This makes the moving and sharing of the data more helpful. Every one of the characters in a program, which is developed by utilizing such standards, would get their definition.

Moreover, it eliminates the disarray of code design and indistinguishably assigns the characters. Therefore, the primary task of CoolNickname is to consistently incorporate the latest Unicode characters for Global users by Unicode characters and symbols released in the world.

Lastly, the significant functions of CoolNickname are such as Unicode special characters table, recommend game character names, application to develop game names with unique characters, and synthesize game names of famous characters.

At CoolNickname, the company is committed to bringing a great experience to users through its synthesizing characters, making contributions to the community.
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About the Company: CoolNickname feels grateful for the contribution, good sharing, and encouragement from the CoolNickname Community. The company is always willing to accept users' contributions.

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Name: CoolNickname Team
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