Cooking Knife with Multiple Uses Relaunches on Amazon

The multi-purpose chef knife, a popular product from KUMA, has recently been re-launched on Amazon. With 3Cr13 stainless steel blades, these knives are suitable for slicing, chopping, carving, and cutting with high precision and comfort.

KUMA is pleased to announce the re-launch of its multi-purpose chef knife on Amazon. This high-quality kitchen knife is already a popular Amazon product with 600-plus reviews from satisfied users. This versatile kitchen tool can not only be used for slicing and chopping vegetables but also functions as an efficient carving knife for all types of meat.

“The chef’s knife is one of the most useful knives you can buy. It accomplishes many cutting jobs like slicing, chopping, mincing, or even carving. Our chef’s knife is designed to master the many different cutting tasks you encounter in your everyday cooking,” said a spokesperson from KUMA. “Never again deal with a dull knife turning your tomatoes into pulp when you try to get neat slices. With your KUMA chef’s knife, every cut you make just glides through with razor-like sharpness.”

A family-owned business, KUMA is known for its exquisite range of kitchen utility products that make cooking convenient and fun. The company says that it created its stainless steel chopping knife by combining lightweight materials, a smooth ergonomic handle, and elegant Japanese-inspired profile design. The product’s soft, yet durable blades are made of 3Cr13 stainless steel, a corrosion-resistant material that can be sharpened rather easily. During the production process, the metal is tempered with careful timing to produce a fine balance between toughness and sharpness retention.

“This knife is a great every-day-use knife. It comes sharp out of the box and is easy to sharpen. The knife feels durable and is easy to use,” a delighted user mentioned in her Amazon review. “It’s a very practical knife with no bells or whistles, but it does what it’s meant to do extremely well. I got one for myself to use as my general-purpose cooking knife since I don’t have enough room or money for a full set, but now I’m getting my mother one to replace hers as well!”

Those who want to find out more about KUMA’s slicing knife should visit the company’s website or Amazon storefront.







About Us: KUMA was born out of the desire to create high quality kitchen knives that combine razor-sharp performance with high lightweight maneuverability all packaged in a beautiful aesthetic design.

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