Convertible Car Seat Review Launches New, Informational Child Safety Campaign

New initiative will help parents understand the most important issues regarding car seat selection and usage, Convertible Car Seat Review reports

Convertible Car Seat Review, the leading online source for unbiased, in-depth reviews of convertible children's car seats, launched a new child safety initiative. Springing from the experiences and research that have made Convertible Car Seat Review one of the most respected authorities on the subject, the new campaign will aim at heightening public awareness of how crucial car seats are and how best to choose among them. Convertible Car Seat Review representatives will be available to the media, and a variety of scheduled events will help to further this important goal.

"We live and breathe car seats here at Convertible Car Seat Review," site representative Nicole Paige stated, "So we have a real feeling for just how important it is for parents to own and use a well-designed, high quality seat. Not everyone understands that, though, so we are kicking off an initiative today whereby we will help to spread this critical message."

According to the Governor's Highway Safety Association, all 50 American states now have laws on the books requiring the use of appropriate car seats for young children who ride in passenger vehicles. These safety devices have been proven in study after study to provide valuable protection. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, for example, estimates that proper usage of a car seat cuts the chances of an infant dying in a car accident by 71%, with children up to the age of four receiving only slightly less protection.

Fortunately, usage of car seats in the United States is now widespread, a fact that undoubtedly saves many young lives every year. Even among those parents who are most diligent about buying and using car seats, though, the topic can be a confusing one, as it is not always clear which models are best suited for particular families and how to install and use them correctly.

Since the site's founding, Convertible Car Seat Review has been a leading force for helping parents to overcome these difficulties. With a large and growing collection of convertible car seat reviews covering those seats that are capable of both backward- and forward-facing operation, the site has become a go-to resource for parents looking for help with sorting through their options. Because car seat manufacturers offer such a wide array of features, in addition to the basic safety provisions that each delivers, the highly focused collection of reviews at has proven to be one of the best ways of all of making a purchasing decision.

Through the just-launched new informational car seat campaign, convertible car seat review will contribute even more to the advancement of child safety. Convertible Car Seat Review representatives are available to answer questions from members of the press and will stage a number of informal events that will help the general public better understand car seats and how to select and use them.

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