Convert Audio Free Promotes MP3 Conversion Tool That Offers High Quality Output

Convert Audio Free offers a free service converting audio from a huge variety of lesser known formats to the universal standard.

MP3 is now by far and away the most popular format for storing sound files, though this wasn’t always the case. Though for specialists and purists formats like WAV and FLAC have found their niches, nothing matches MP3 for versatility and universality. In order to allow people to make the best of MP3, Convert Audio Free has launched a service which allows people to convert files from any number of formats into high quality MP3s, without losing their original files.

The MP3 converter is downloadable software that has already been featured on prominent tech sites like CNET and Softpedia. It includes the capability to convert from FLAC, WAV, MP4, WMA and GPL MPEG 1 and 2. The site also offers movie converters.

Oftentimes users only require a single type of conversion, so to avoid bloated software sizes and slower running times, Convert Audio Free have created a directory of individual, lightweight software’s that can be run to convert a single audio codec type to MP3, so those with an extensive library of FLAC files don’t need to download conversion codecs for WAV and MP4 in order to translate their library.

A spokesperson for Convert Audio Free explained, “Just as there was eight track, laser disc and HD-DVD, multiple file formats arose because many different companies were racing to patent a form of file compression that would yield high quality size at small file sizes. While not technically the best at achieving this, MP3 has been high quality enough and versatile enough a codec to triumph over its competitors, which are now increasingly niche and as a result, increasingly hard to use. Providing this service allows individuals to rescue their sound libraries from redundancy- it’s a public service that can save people huge sums in buying music and sound in new formats. Instead they can just convert MP3.”

About Convert Audio Free:
This free MP3 converter will help users to get the right file without worrying whether or not it is going to work with any given MP3 player. The best aspect of this software is the high focus on the quality. The free MP3 converter will provide some of the highest quality conversion success that users of competitors’ products have ever seen.

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