Convert Audio Free Launches Video To MP3 Converter To Rip Sound From Favorite Videos

Convert Audio Free has developed a free video to mp3 converter that will allow individuals to convert video content into audio content for easier use on the move.

Video content is in fact audiovisual (or AV) content, and there is a reason the word audio comes first. Visual media was still a novelty until it could be paired with audio, because speech and sound are still the main way we relate to these kinds of media. In many cases, the visual is there just to provide a context to the sound. Convert Audio Free has created a video to MP3 converter that will allow individuals to make sound files from video.

In order to convert video to MP3, visitors to the site need only download and install the software, which can be done in a matter of minutes, then open the user interface and add files using the simple menu system. These files can then be converted to MP3 and from there, MP3s can be added to any number of devices to be listened to at the users’ convenience.

This means that individuals can get spoken word and music files to listen to on the move when they may need to be using their visual senses to walk, drive or exercise. This means media can be adapted to fit a user’s needs in more ways than ever before.

A spokesperson for Convert Audio Free explained, “The most common use of this converter is likely to be to convert music videos into audio files that can be played on smartphones and MP3 players, but the technology can be used to create an audio-book experience from a favorite movie, to allow students to listen to taped lectures or TED Talks on the go, and a range of other uses. The applications for are software always end up being far more varied and exciting than even we could predict at their time of launch.”

About Convert Audio Free:
Convert Audio Free develops free to use, professional and easy to operate software for format to format audio conversion. The company has been in business for over two years and has been well reviewed by critics and users alike, regularly releasing new products to meet their users’ needs. The company has now expanded into video conversion tools and have released a new suite of programs to convert popular and problematic formats.

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