Conversion Junction Relaunches With A New Focus On Boobs

Conversion Junction went live online in 2008 with intentions of helping marketers learn the basics of SEO. The website now has a new focus. This time around the website will have its eyes on boobs.

The traffic generation website that was created in 2008 with intentions of helping webmasters learn the basics of SEO has changed focus. On April 15, 2014 Conversion Junction decided to take on a new task in providing education. This time around the website will have its eyes on educating its readers about reducing the size of boobs; Man boobs to be specific.

For many years Conversion Junction brought internet marketers the skinny on Search Engine Optimization through informative blog posts. The site has been in transition for the past couple of years. While the owners of Conversion Junction still have deep roots in SEO, and currently run an SEO agency in Atlanta, the time involved in maintaining a blog led them to put that project on the shelf.

In a quote by General Manager Jaymes Mauril, he stated “Many SEO agencies manage to run their agency while delivering fresh information to their blog on a regular basis. The only problem with that is many of them do not write the blogs personally. The plan has always been never to water down blog posts by outsourcing the content. That would not be fair to the readers, so the decision was made to solely focus on helping business owners rank”.

For a about 18 months the website was basically on hold until the new venture of the Conversion Junction website was born. The site is now focused on helping men suffering from man boobs due to obesity or gynecomastia regain their confidence. The evolution of the the new site was spark a by personal experience of Jaymes Mauril?

Mr. Mauril admitted to picking up some bad habits that he blame on his busy lifestyle. According to him, one byproduct of being a workaholic is neglecting the need to maintain a regular exercise routine. After many years of working out his lack of exercise and bad eating habits cause him to develop man breast. Having always been a confident person, the confident businessman was now self conscious. Basically this new venture is a really personal one that took shape when reality hit real close to home.

With that being said, the new will be providing valuable tips on how to get rid of man breast through healthy eating, exercise and natural treatments. The plan is to provide an alternative to gynecomastia surgery that many men opt for before they have a chance to weigh all their options.

According to Mr. Mauril, surgery may be the best option for men that have not been unable to reduce their man boobs after exercising all their options, but not the only solution. He believes that the risk of surgery along with the painful recovery period should be avoided if possible. So, for now it looks like until the positive reinforcements of natural man breast reduction is no longer needed, body conversions will be the new subject of the former website conversion blog.

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