Conversion Gorilla Allows Users To Create Awesome Looking Bars With Point & Click Customization Inside Their Dashboard

Capturing attention of visitors and keeping them on your site is one of the biggest challenges of almost marketers. Now everything seems easier than ever with Conversion Gorilla - attention grabbing, click getting, scarcity boosting smart bars that grow your business and boost your conversion.

Conversion Gorilla is a new cloud-based web builder which is revolutionizing the way people increase traffic in their business. This amazing tool allows users to effortlessly grab the attention of their visitors with amazing eye popping message and traffic bars that they can freely customize and deploy in just a few clicks of their mouse.

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Once using Conversion Gorilla, people will get fully customizable tools and control them easily from their dashboard.
• Awesome Attention Bars
• Click-Getting Traffic Bars
• Evergreen Countdown Timers
• Fixed Date Countdown Timers
• Smart Triggering Options
• Clever Visitor Targeting
• Exit Intent Technology

Users can also create a new bar instantly in less than a couple of minute with this software. They can easily add bars to the top or the bottom of their pages, and these bars’ appearance will be triggered based on:
• Immediately on page load
• After x seconds of time on page
• After x percentage of screen scroll
• Only if visitor has come from a specific site or URL
• If visitor is about to leave your page

The creators of Conversion Gorilla also give their users the ability to add the same bar to different sites and multiple pages.

Not only that, with this software, users can get Regular Height Message and Traffic Bars which are great for welcome messages, highlighting deadlines or delivering coupon codes. Also, they will be provided Full Feature and Hero Sized Bars to display additional information and grab more visitors’ attention. Users can easily include a message or headline along with a secondary call-to-action text line to make a great option for promoting affiliate, Traffic Bars, and more.

Besides, the consumers of Conversion Gorilla soft can add fixed date or evergreen countdowns to their bars. This way will help users boost conversions to time sensitive offers and giving their new products an extra push.

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Conversion Gorilla with its incredible features allows users to display simple messages to their visitors, say “hi” with welcome and thank you messages. This way helps them attract attention to their products and boost conversion.

This fantastic product can work perfectly on any website including blogs, landing pages, shopping carts, and more. With Conversion Gorilla, users can take control of their websites, drive more traffic to their affiliate offers, new offers, landing pages and boost conversions all in just a few clicks.

Not only that, but Conversion Gorilla also has a friendly support team who are always willing to help users via their support desk or email anytime they need to get in touch.

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