Controversial 'Publish Academy' Launch Creates Worldwide Discussion, as Exclusive Bonus Packages Offered by Elite Marketers

Controversial 'Publish Academy' Launch Creates Worldwide Discussion In the Internet Marketing Industry, as Exclusive Bonus Packages Offered by Elite Marketers Including Hanif Quentino.

Publish Academy by Anik Singal, explained at, has launched a worldwide debate and controversy in the internet marketing world by claiming to be a 'comprehensive publishing system' that provides hand-holding guidance to complete newbies. The results and case studies shared by the creator of the system, Anik Singal, has raised a few eyebrows amongst review critics, who are treating it with balanced critique and skepticism.

Seasoned internet marketer Hanif Quentino, President of eMarketingChamps, has published an in-depth guide and exclusive bonus offer for the the Publish Academy system, which can be found on his review website:

Hanif Quentino has had considerable experience in the field of digital publishing, particularly in the sports and fitness niches, as well as SEO and content marketing. He owns and manages a digital marketing agency that focuses on affiliate marketing and local lead generation. His experience in various IM fields gives him credibility as an authoritative Publish Academy review critic.

Mr Quentino recommends that Publish Academy members take advantage of the growing trend in Native Ads, particularly on mobile platforms, to grow their publishing businesses. A recent report released by MMA suggests that native ads are much more effective as compared to the traditional display advertising.

The report states that the performance of native ads on mobile can be as much as 10 times better as compared to the traditional display advertising on mobile. The native ads also garner up to 3 times more attention as compared to the traditional banner ads. The report further states that users spend up to 40% more time when it comes to interaction with native ads as compared to the standard ads.

In one research study, the average brand recall was twice with native ads as compared to the control group. There are a number of other reports that confirm that native ads work much better when it comes to getting the attention of consumers. However, all is not well in the native advertising world.

Some research studies have shown that consumers sometimes are concerned about native ads. In one survey, 61% of the respondents were of the opinion that the credibility of a publication is harmed by presence of sponsored content.

Another research study of 542 respondents to an online questionnaire reported that more than half of the readers do not have trust in sponsored content. The survey also reported that as much as two thirds of the readers felt deceived when they realized that a particular video or article was sponsored content.

There is a lot of other data which shows that consumers suspect or do not trust sponsored content. However, some of the skeptics explain that the high effectiveness of sponsored content is precisely due to the fact that because people believe it is content.

The survey results also show that there is a generational divide when it comes to native ads. While older users tend to be hostile or skeptical to native ads, younger users are more receptive.

It is also imperative to acknowledge that native ads work better in some context. For instance, travel related native ads are going to work much better and are going to be liked by consumers if they provide helpful information. However, these ads are not going to work when it comes to hard news.

Overall, the native ad industry continues to grow but quality content and clear labeling is the way forward. FTC guidelines make clear labeling mandatory. The industry as a whole needs to come together and enforce quality standards and labeling guidelines to ensure that the effectiveness of native ads is not affected due to lack of meaningful information or content.

As the Native Ad industry grows, Hanif Quentino recommends that new Publish Academy members keep a close eye on this developing trend to gather leads and customers for their businesses, in order to accelerate their success.

Hanif Quentino's in-depth Publish Academy review, along with his premium Publish Academy bonus offer, can be found on the following website:

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