Controversial New Eczema Remedy From Euzema Boasts 85% Success Rate In Trials

Euzema offer purified Realgar or ‘ruby of arsenic’ as a treatment for eczema, and despite controversy over its use, has proven an 85% efficacy rate for sufferers of the chronic skin condition.

Eczema is a skin condition that affects millions of people around the globe. Those people face a years-long struggle to stop the flaky, itchy skin reacting, but are often given remedies of little to no use by medical professionals. This is despite the fact that the remedy for eczema has been known for centuries through Ayurvedic medicine. Euzema is a company that wants to bring this natural eczema treatment back to the forefront, and despite facing considerable resistance, has now demonstrated that the use of ruby of arsenic, Realgar, is 85% effective in treating the condition.

The new remedy claims to be the best cream for eczema available, and does not require oral medication. It works by using small quantities of diluted Realgar to generate an antibody response from the immune system, which then attacks the eczema and promotes healing in the body. A similar process is undertaken for treating certain cancers using ‘white’ arsenic, and has now been proved effective for eczema using ruby of arsenic.

Their website offers a full discussion of the approach and the findings together with details on the product itself. The active ingredient is complemented by several key skin revitalisers, that help the skin heal and look its best, so the work of the active ingredient is redoubled by these natural, organic nutrients.

A spokesperson for Euzema explained, “We have created a product that works. As such, we don’t understand the controversy around the approach. Clinical trials have demonstrated its efficacy and what’s more, the remedy has been successfully used in other parts of the world for centuries. As such, we are happy to be able to provide it on the world stage, in a modern and effective product. It’s affordable too, to ensure as many people as possible can benefit from the work we have done.”

About Euzema: Euzema offers a unique and controversial cure for eczema by using the most ancient, proven medical concept of combating poisons with natural poisons. Their formula uses purified Realgar to cure eczema effectively without oral medicine, in a treatment similar to that used in treating many cancers. The product has been shown to be 85% effective in trials.

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