Controversial New Discovery Could Hold the Key to Unlocking the Cure for Cancer

New breakthroughs in scientific research are challenging the traditional approach to treating cancer. That's the view of a group of 70 scientists, chaired by Denis Noble, creator of the first 3-D model of the heart, and scientific advisor to the $10m Evolution 2.0 prize.

While most people assume that cancer treatments have seen constant innovation and advances, astonishingly, stage four cancer patients are not much better off today than in 1930, despite the more than 5 Billion dollars spent annually on cancer research. Rather than destroying cancer, chemotherapy and radiation often trigger aggressive growth. (sources: National Cancer Institute, The First Cell by Azra Raza).

A group of 70 respected scientists from a group called The Third Way of Evolution are calling for a fundamental review of the way the medical system studies, views, and treats cancer.

Columbia University oncologist Azra Raza, author of The First Cell comments, “Cancer cells resist radiation and chemotherapy via remarkable built-in evolutionary toolkits. They respond to threats at tremendous speed. It's time for textbooks to report this, and for practicing oncologists to factor this into patient treatment protocols."

Unfortunately oncologists have long been taught from antiquated textbooks that ignore many recent discoveries, while millions of cancer patients continue to die each year.

Bernhard Strauss, chief editor of the book Rethinking Cancer, says: "Scientists like Denis Noble and The Third Way are certainly right in demanding new textbooks. It will answer many currently unresolved questions in biology…and enable innovative approaches to explaining and treating cancer."

According to respected Oxford scientist Denis Noble, "We will never understand cancer until we recognize how tumors adapt on an hourly basis, but if we show our pre-med students how the human body directs its own evolutions, it will forever transform how they practice medicine."

If these findings are studied further within the medical and scientific community, future generations will likely be able to detect cancer much earlier, and doctors may finally have access to more effective treatment options.

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