Contra Costa Hearing Aid Center Expands Tinnitus Treatments in Brentwood CA

With rates of tinnitus on the rise, finding effective treatment options to manage the condition is essential. The experts at Contra Costa Hearing Aid Center share their expanded tinnitus therapy options available in Brentwood, CA.

Approximately 50 million Americans between 60 and 75 are experiencing a hearing condition identified as tinnitus. The main symptom of tinnitus, which usually affects a great deal more men than women, is hearing sounds which nobody else can hear. Tinnitus commonly suggests a problem occurring within the four parts of the auditory system – the outer ear, the middle ear, the inner ear, and the brain – and therefore is more of a symptom of other issues than just a disease itself. Tinnitus with greater frequency appears as a co-symptom connected to other kinds of either conductive or sensorineural hearing loss, rather than being a type of loss of hearing itself. But because tinnitus can cause individuals to hear the buzzing or ringing sound continuously, this tends to have the effect of lowering an individual's absolute threshold of hearing, which makes it harder to hear low-level sounds normally.

Considering that tinnitus is such a widespread issue in the U.S., the hearing professionals at Contra Costa Hearing Aid Center are constantly looking into new treatments. Tinnitus cure research is a very active field with many scientific studies and research trials launched each year. Consequently, individuals who've endured tinnitus for a long time may not be always be aware of the current options available. Contra Costa Hearing Aid Center takes pride in offering the most current tinnitus therapies in Brentwood, CA. Along with maintaining a summary of currently available tinnitus therapies on their website, Contra Costa Hearing Aid Center staff members often write about new breakthroughs on the company blog. Readers interested in additional information on the treatment options listed here are urged to visit the website at or call for an appointment.

Hearing aids. Individuals with tinnitus typically also have some level of hearing loss. The dual benefit of hearing aids is that they cover the sounds of the tinnitus while also boosting hearing ability. The majority of patients with tinnitus experience complete or partial relief from their tinnitus with the use of hearing aids.

Maskers. Tinnitus maskers are tiny electronic devices that look like hearing aids and are adjusted to generate sound that cover up the tinnitus. Tinnitus maskers are a great option for many people, offering relief from the tinnitus. However, they have been known to affect understanding of speech.

Counseling and Relaxation. Stress tends to make ringing in the ears seem worse, so being able to relax is very important. Counseling may be appropriate when tinnitus leads to depression, anxiety or other psychological problems.

Medicine or drug therapy. Medications and drug therapies have two functions in tinnitus treatment. Some drugs offer direct reduction in the tinnitus symptoms whilst others are intended to target the anxiety and strong emotions associated with tinnitus.

About Toby Hill, BC-HIS

Toby Hill is the owner of Contra Costa Hearing Aid Center and is Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences. Before opening his own practice, Toby was a partner in another hearing aid practice and worked in hearing aid manufacturing. He entered the hearing aid manufacturing industry after 10 years in computer technology, applying what he learned to the delicate electronics and sophisticated programs of modern digital hearing aids. After becoming a hearing aid technology expert, Toby left manufacturing to work directly with patients. He greatly enjoys patient care and helping his patients hear better.

About Contra Costa Hearing Aid Center

Contra Costa Hearing Aid Center takes a consultative approach to hearing health care with an emphasis on patient education. In addition to providing hearing tests and fitting hearing aids in Walnut Creek CA, the staff provides support, counseling, advice and rehabilitation. Contra Costa Hearing Aid Center is concerned about the patient as a person and will match their amplification needs, lifestyle, and budget with the hearing instrument best suited for them. The goal at Contra Costa Hearing Aid Center is to provide patients the best possible, individualized hearing care. Contra Costa Hearing Aid Center has offices in downtown Walnut Creek and in Brentwood CA.


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